ZWave2MQTT - how do I pair a switch directly to a dimmer as a central scene?

I have a Namron 4 channel wall Z-Wave switch and a Namron 400 watt dimmer, and I want to connect the dimmer directly (by Z-Wave, of course, not by cable…) to the switch the way the rest of the dimmers in the living room are, so that they don’t need to have the controller or server up to turn on and off lights. I believe that’s what called a central scene, but I may of course be totally wrong! I remember I had to work a bit before managed to do this in OZW, but I managed. Now I’m totally lost. Where do I go to do this in the new system?

Also, where to I start the auto configuration that sees what minimum and maximum dimming should be, I can’t find that either.

I believe you are referring to direct association which depends on the device involved. As you said since no controller is involved, HA integration with a controller is iot involved either.

Zwave2mqtt, like th eold QZW based integration, is deprecated in favor of the zwavejs based options available. The deprecated components are not being developed.

Just to be clear about what you’re using, is it ZWaveJS2MQTT (based on zwave_js) or ZWave2MQTT (based on OZW)? If you’re using ZWaveJS2MQTT, then you can assigned associations in the web UI under the “Groups” tab for each node:

As the previous poster mentioned, the zwave_js integration is preferred now, whether you use the zwave_js or zwavejs2mqtt as the server.

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Yeah, sorry. I forgot those two letters… It’s ZWaveJS2MQTT, I have seen both used about the newest integration and never heard about an integration with MQTT without the JS. Actually even the GUI/Control Panel uses the name without the JS:

But thanks! That group thing is exactly what I was looking for! In the OZW integration (or maybe before it was moved from settings to an integration) that was set directly in Hass, but as you can see I found it now in the ZWave to MQTT control panel. And it’s better, because it actually uses the button number. It’s a great way to use the stuff because that way I can have one button that turns on every light in the room and separate buttons for each of the light sources in addition to that.

Edit: The only thing I’m not sure about is the difference between endpoint “0” and endpoint “None”. Do you have any idea what that is?

Perhaps it is mentioned in the zwavejs2mqtt documentation or you could inquire on their GitHub. This is just third party software used my HA and has a separate developer community.

Actually both seem to work, so I’m not really going to spend much energy on it, I was just curious. :grinning:

Edit: It may actually be for dimmers with more than one output (if they call that endpoint), that would be logical.