Zwave2MQTT MQTT Not Connecting?

Is there any tricks to getting zwave2mqtt setup? I followed the github instructions, but the docker container is just hanging with the following message:

ozwd | [ozwdaemon]: Waiting until the MQTT broker at is available…
ozwd | [ozwdaemon]: Starting…
ozwd | [ozwdaemon]: Executing: /usr/local/bin/ozwdaemon

Nothing ever occurs after that, no GUI, no other errors. nothing. My MQTT is properly setup (I have many other mqtt devices, etc.). It doesn’t have a UN or PW, so not sure if that is messing it up. Is there a guide out there, or can anyone help with this issue?

That is not zwave2mqtt.

The message means it has connected to the broker. You won’t see anything else. There is a logs directory in the config directory that you should have mapped.

You should follow the documentation to get the HA part configured.

But then the Integration just shows “Connecting to MQTT”, I am never able to add any nodes?

Are you sure the container is still running? You’ll need to look at the MQTT status (MQTT explorer is helpful) and look at the ozwdaemon logs.

Yeah, both containers were running. I think I realized the problem. I had both z-wave integrations running in parallel, I didn’t realize it was one or the other. So at this point, until there is an easier migration path, I’ll stick with the main z-wave integration.

Yeah, never good to have two processes sharing the z-wave USB stick.

It’s only possible to temporarily use one or the other: How to test the OZW Beta without fully switching over

You could try overriding the usb path in configuration.yaml to a bogus one, which should keep the z-wave integration intact but no usable, then use the OZW Beta container. I’ve never tried it w/o deleting it entirely.

Is openzwave supposed to discover all current nodes automatically?

Yes, it does.

Oh awesome, I didn’t know that. Well that’s a pretty easy migration path!

All your entities will change though. So not necessarily easy.

Ahh gotcha. Do the node IDs stay the same?

The network is stored on the controller, so yes.

Good to know. Can always use the node IDs to rename everything

Does the Beta only work with powered devices at this point? I tested the OpenZwave integration and it’s only reporting my powered devices, none of my sensors