Zwave2mqtt topic name change

Hello Home Automators,

try to change the mqtt topic for zwave2mqtt but I’m not getting it done.

in zwave2mqtt it’s easy to change the topic from hasszwave to homeassistant, after I restart the zwave2mqtt server I see the new homeassistant topic populating in the mqtt server.

In configuration.yaml I changed the discovery_prefix: to homeassistant too. (with discovery: true)

All seems to work except when I change a switch in lovelace the previous topic (hasszwave) is coming back in the mqtt topics. So I’m not able to control the zwave entities anymore.

When I change back zwave2mqtt and HA discovery_prefix: hasszwave all is working fine.

But for having both zigbee2mqtt and zwave2mqtt it seems more easy to use the “homeassistant” topic.

Tried to rename the files in .storage, erased the home-assistant_v2.db file, search for ‘hasszwave’ in the files, but all without succes.

Question : does anybody know where the ‘hasszwave’ topic name is stored in HA?

hasszwave was the previous topic name I did use for some months.

I’m running HA 0.104.2 on a raspberry 4.

thanks already for your response !

Perhaps the topic is retained in your broker. Your can use something like mosquito_sub with -v and -d. Or mqtt explorer.

If you change the prefix you also change all known entities also to new MQTT prefix right? Otherwise they listen to wrong topic etc?

I want change mine as well in HA it send birth over HASS prexif, my Zwave2MQTT is configured on discovery and prefix : homeassistant.

When i restart HA i always do a manual birth on prefix homeassistant.