ZwaveJS add-on when using ZwaveJS2MQTT?

From what I understood, the ZwaveJS2MQTT add-on is replacing the ZwaveJS add-on and is the one that is controlling the USB key.

So I tried to delete the add-on and right after that I still have access to my zwave devices. But when I reboot HA, the add-on is reappearing!

Am I missing something? Can you explain me what is the purpose of these 2 add-on?

Thank you.

I installed ZwaveJS2MQTT and when all nodes are loaded i add the ZwaveJS integration.
After that i reboot and after that i removed ZwaveJS Add-on. When i reboot this add-on isn’t coming back.

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Ok thanks, so at least I know I’m not supposed to have them both…

Where did you hear that?

the zwave-js add-on is the “official” HA way to set up a zwave-js server.

the zwavejs2mqtt is a community add-on that provided functionality that wasn’t available in the official add-on.

but yes, if you have zwavejs2mqtt running you need to remove the zwave-js add-on. you can’t have them both.

The role of ZwaveJS2MQTT add-on is to replace the ZwaveJS add-on, if you decide to install it and not go the official way. This is what I mean. I was not proposing that my way is the official way.

Thank you for confirming that I am supposed to remove the ZwaveJS add-on, that makes sense.

Now if someone can help me finding why the add-on « magically » reappear when I explicitly delete it, I would appreciate!

I’m going to assume that when you installed the zwave-js integration that you selected the checkbox to use the supervisor add-on?

If so that’s why it is coming back automatically.

you need to re-add the zwave-js intagration (but don’t remove your existing integration first).

When you configure the new integration DO NOT select the checkbox.

And then make sure that you select the same hardware (zwave controller) that the existing integration used. then you need to ensure it uses the zwavejs2mqtt add-on as the host instead of the zwavejs add-on.

Then when you submit it the old integration should be replaced by the new integration and using the zwvejs2mqtt add-on and it should stop the zwavejs add-on from reinstalling itself.

I’ve never done it (I don’t use add-ons) but I have it on good authority that should be the way it should work.

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I prefer ZwaveJS2MQTT instead the ZwaveJS. When you reboot HS your Zwave network is still running. After reboot all your nodes are back in seconds…

there is no difference betweren the functionality you describe using either of those add-ons.

Both are independent of HA…unlike the older built-in (now being deprecated) zwave 1.4.

That was the one that would restart your zwave network whenever HA was restarted.

Thank you Finity!

This is the error I made. Since it’s not possible to remove it after the integration is installed, I did not see it. My friend did the same error also!

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