ZWaveJS and Fibaro Dimmer 2, the <unknown> issue

I have just migrated from the deprecated Zwave to ZwaveJS. I have a fair few issues resulting from this to research, but at the moment I am trying to get the hardware sorted. I have a number of Fibaro Dimmer 2s - FG212, most of these have converted and are running well, - albeit with a manufacturer of Fibargroup - but one has the issue, with one disabled entity. I have tried multiple re-boots. Network Heals, Device Heals, device re-interviews, and have excluded and re-included the device twice now. All to know avail.

Any suggestions?

What’s the problem you’re having? I switched over about 15 of these and all I found was that they worked so much better with ZwaveJS than with the old integration. (One of the best parts for me was that the second switch started reporting its status reliably, but overall they seem to work as well or better.)

As Title really, The Device is showing as “unknown” for both Manufacturer and Model with no active Entities.

Thanks for the explanation. I didn’t follow the title the first time.
If the manufacturer and model are unknown then ZwaveJS won’t be able to load the correct configuration and you won’t get any entities.

I’ve never run into this, but my guess is that either the device is actually broken (e.g., not sending correct information) or the configuration on the stick (Zwave saves them on the stick) is corrupt. You can try doing a factory reset on the Fibaro devices using the programming button on the device itself and see if it then works. (I know it’s a pain to get at it once they are installed, but I don’t recall if you can do a factory reset without that.) I don’t know how to deal with it if the stick is corrupt.


Thanks for the reply David. I had already tried resetting it. In the end I swapped it out for a spare I had waiting for another project. The new one included straight away. It could be a hardware fault I guess, but unlikely as it the old one did actually include, and it would have had to happen at the same time as the migration. The migration should not have affected the stick, so it will have to go down as a bit of a mystery.

I’ve had one of those fail on me too for no understandable reason. Swapping it out fixed it immediately. Luckily it was covered under warranty!