ZWaveJS cannot be stopped

I have two HA systems on RPi at two different locations. After installing Z-WaveJS to MQTT, Z-WaveJS shows up in the sidebar in the left. On one system, clicking on Z-WaveJS brings up the Control Panel which is populated with my Z-Wave devices. The other system will not show the devices on the Control Panel

I installed Z-WaveJS to MQTT 0.39.0, and the Z-WaveJS 0.1.58 addon. I understand that I have to Stop the Z-WaveJS addon for the other to “take charge”. When I click on Z-WaveJS and the Control Panel comes up, there are no entries for my Multisensor 6 or my ZCombo Fire Alarm. When I look at the Z-WaveJS addon, I see that it is running! When I stop it, it seems to stop. If I leave the page and come back to I see that it is running again. As far as I can tell, the two systems are configured identically.

Is there a quick solution that I have just missed? I am new to HA and still not very savvy.