Zwavejs - can't set temperature / couldn't use service?

Hi, I recently noticed that since yesterday none of my z wave controlled thermostats are working.
When I look at zwavejs integration all entities appear to be fine, but HA sends a error message every time I try to adjust temperature.
Trying a restore of HA 3 days back.
Running the latest HA stable release whenever it is public. The same for all addons.
Aeotec z wave usb stick - looking here there seems to be some issues but can’t relate them to my issues; Issues · zwave-js/node-zwave-js · GitHub
Any clues?

Ok, so I checked that the aeotec stick was blinking and used by my VM.
Then I restored an old snapshot (3 days).
Then did a restart of HA.
Now it’s working again.
Not sure what was wrong. Will post if anything new come up.