ZwaveJS Common Issues and Solutions

After spending many weekends this year trying to get ZwaveJS working, I’ve finally gotten my system back to fully functional. I’m starting this topic with the intent of helping others who are frustrated with the transition. If you have overcome specific issues with ZwaveJS then please describe the issue and solution in this topic.

The thing that helped most for me was to switch from an Aeotec Z-Stick Gen5 to an Aeotec Gen5 Plus. It is not clear whether it was the stick itself or something that happened with the move to the new stick that solved the problems. The primary problems that I was seeing was that events from many devices were not coming across. It was particularly bad with old GE/Jasco Zwave (non-Plus) devices, but it happened with others as well. I removed, readded, re-everythinged, and it was still flaky. Now that I’m on the Gen5 Plus, all devices, including the old ones, are working properly. The door lock, with its existing user codes, is functioning as expected.

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