ZwaveJS config update errors?

In ZwaveJS To MQTT, I see an update for an apparently unreleased version (7.7.2-20210602), which fails since I’m currently on 7.7.1 release of ZwaveJS. Although not directly HA-related, is anyone aware of a way to block config update notifications for unreleased versions?

Those are device config file upgrades, not node-zwave-js upgrades, so it is not an “unreleased version”. It allows device file updates to be installed earlier and independently from the driver / application updates.

For failures I would submit a bug to zwavejs2mqtt. To disable the update notifications you would also need to submit a feature request to the project.

FWIW, on my RPi4 the update takes over CPU and disk I/O, and it did fail as well.

2021-06-03T22:56:38.305Z DRIVER   Installing version 7.7.2-20210602 of configuration DB...
2021-06-03T23:02:31.526Z DRIVER   Config update failed: Package manager exited with code 1
                                  warning Resolution field "@zwave-js/[email protected]" is incompatible wit
                                  h requested version "@zwave-js/[email protected]"
                                  1.tgz: ESOCKETTIMEDOUT
                                  error ESOCKETTIMEDOUT
                                  warning " > [email protected]" has unmet peer dependency "webpack@^4.0.0 ||
                                  warning "prettier-standard > prettierx > @typescript-eslint/typescript-estree
                                  > [email protected]" has unmet peer dependency "typescript@>=2.8.0 || >= 3.2.0-de
                                  v || >= 3.3.0-dev || >= 3.4.0-dev || >= 3.5.0-dev || >= 3.6.0-dev || >= 3.6.0-
                                  beta || >= 3.7.0-dev || >= 3.7.0-beta".
                                  error An unexpected error occurred: "ENOENT: no such file or directory, open '

Thanks for the info. Seems like someone already created an issue for the specific update failure - [bug] Config update to 7.7.2-20210602 failed · Issue #1304 · zwave-js/zwavejs2mqtt · GitHub. I also noticed the corruption issue noted in that bug, where restarting the container fails unless completely deleted and re-created. So definitely best to avoid attempting to upgrade until it’s fixed.

Just updated to Release Release 4.5.2 · zwave-js/zwavejs2mqtt · GitHub. So far it looks like the fix works for me, although there aren’t actually any config file updates to really test the update procedure itself.



Config file changes

  • Added additional product ids to some Fibaro devices
  • Added parameters for primary and secondary strobe to Wink Siren
  • Add treatBasicSetAsEvent compat flag to Aeotec ZW132
  • Define partial parameters for Fibaro FGT001, add additional parameters for MH9 CO2
  • Add a config file for Leviton RZI10-1L


zwavejs2mqtt to 4.5.2 (which includes zwave-js 7.7.2) already contains the latest zwave-js config files. What I was saying is that by updating to 4.5.2, you already have the latest configs, and therefore aren’t able to fully test the config update installer code (the original issue noted in this thread).

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The config files are in their own npm package and can be updated independently of node-zwave-js and zwavejs2mqtt. node-zwave-js 7.7.2 includes the latest config files, so there is nothing to update independently.