ZwaveJS light randomly turning off

After starting to migrate from ST to the new ZwaveJS integration I am having an issue where an Inovelli LZW36 is randomly turning the light off. I did not have the same problem when the light was used ST. I am using the direct integration(not mqtt). Not sure what additional logging I can enable to figure out where this is coming from except what I have indicated below. Any help is appreciated.

Couple of things I noticed:

  1. HA simply logs “turned off” in the history as opposed to it being turned off by a service or user
  2. In the zwavejs logs I can see the following log showing the value change but nothing else useful as to where the change came from
    2021-03-02 23:46:54.502 INFO ZWAVE: Node 7: value updated: 38-1-currentValue 55 => 0

Did you ever find a solution to this? I believe I am having the same problem.

You need to update zwavejs and then re-interview the nodes… problem should go away.