ZWaveJS - New Controller

Morning all. Purchased a new 700 series Zooz controller as my older one has malfunctioned after 3 years.

Do I need to do an exclusion on each device, or is there an easier way to migrate from one controller to another? I’ve seen some threads indicating the network needs to be redone, but they are 2-3 years old, and I hope something has changed.


You may be able to restore a backup of the old controller if you have one.

I have a backup of the zwaveJS addon from when it was working, as well as a manual backup of the zwcfg files. Is that what you mean? It’s a Zooz ZST10, so I did not have the export config option like the Aeotecs seem to have.


zwavejs2mqtt has a NVM backup option so you can export the NVM to a file and import it on another stick.

Yes, as you don’t have a backup, you need to rebuild your zwave network/mesh.

What makes you think your stick has failed? These devices are quite reliable, did you dunk it in water?


Let’s just say that after the 161 update, I updated keymaster. Many of my lock codes were out of sync because they had been manually entered prior to installing keymaster, so I took the plunge, factory reset the locks and excluded them from my network. Rebooted Zwave and power cycled the locks.

After that, they could not be added no matter what I did. If I Added a Node and started pairing, nothing would happen. Nothing in zwave logs, the light on the stick was not flashing, the lock would throw the red X that it did not pair, and zwave would lock right up (could not close dialog box, if I refreshed the page, all zwave commands were greyed out). I’m running home assistant on a laptop, so I am able to bring the controller right next to the lock - didn’t help.

I was already frustrated with some other things going on, and after the 4th time trying to pair, the zwave controller found itself flying across the room only to hit a wall. It did not survive.

Yup that version had a bug.

Geez man, find your zen :stuck_out_tongue:

It was definitely out of character for me…

At least I only have about 20 devices and they are all easily accessible. Weekend project!

Thanks for the help, and life tip :wink:

Edit: And I think I’ll take the chance to use ZwaveJS2MQTT over the standard JS addon.

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I think you’ll be happy with ZWaveJS2MQTT but I hope you have better luck with the Zooz 700 series than I did. I upgraded from a Nortek Z-Wave/Zigbee dongle late last year and had nothing but issues with dead Z-Wave nodes especially with my Yale locks. I upgraded the firmware as recommended and that did improve the reliability a little bit, but nothing like the Nortek. I ended up purchasing the Zooz S2 Z-wave stick and have the 700 sitting on my desk collecting dust. The S2 works since plugging it in…maybe I got a bad 700, but for now I’m sticking with the S2 series. Good luck!

Yeah the Zooz ZST10 (not 700) is what I had and mostly loved it. Just figured since I was re-doing everything anyway, I might as well upgrade to the newer stick. We’ll see how it goes…

Make sure to flash it to v7.17.2 or higher when you get it or you’ll have a bad time.

Thank you!