Zwavejs not updating battery level

I just installed a new battery in a WADWAZ-1 door sensor that was at 33% charge but stopped working so I put in a new battery. It is working fine now but the battery level remains at 33% in the Zwavejs integration entity. I also use Zwavjs2mqtt and when viewing that it shows the battery at 100%. I tried re-interviewing the device which looks like it did since it showed no failure but still 33%

When looking at the history it shows it last updated the battery level 15 hours ago which was my last reboot of HA. I also looked at all of my other sensors, same model and they too show 15 hours ago.

Any ideas why ZwaveJS2MQTT reports the level fine but the ZwaveJS integration does not?

How often should the battery level get updated in the integration?
Is there a way to force the info to get updated since re-interview did not work?

Core core-2021.9.4
ZwaveJS2MQTT 0.24.1
ZwaveJS Integration Driver Version: 8.2.1, Server Version: 1.10.1

If you go to the zwavejs integration, click the 3 dots, then click “reload”, that should force all values in entities based on the integration to refresh from zwavejs2mqtt with current data. I’m not sure why the new battery level didn’t make it through before though. It should update any time the device sends a battery report or “wakes up”.

Screenshot from 2021-09-22 10-00-12

Thanks a lot @mwav3. I actually did a restart which updated the value then after reading this I gave it a shot and it indeed updated the value for me.

Much appreciated