ZwaveJS to MQTT issue after SSD clone


Here is my configuration:
HA 2022.4.5 running on Docker
zwavejs2mqtt on docker
Zstick - Aeon Z‐Stick Gen5 USB Controller
Hardware - RPI4 + SSD

My Issue:
Wanted to make a backup SSD drive in case the one I’m using now failed. So i made a clone to another SSD drive using Macrium software. When i boot from the cloned drive everything goes up and running but the zwavejs2mqtt loses part of the nodes configuration (at first sight i dont see the Manufaturer and Product). In HA dashboard everything that is Zwave in unavailable. I can operate the zwave devices form the zwavejs2mqtt dashboard.
Does anyone had such problem ?

When you performed the clone was zwave and HA running?