Zwavejs2mqtt add-on is stuck at version 0.4.0, but HA wants me to update my ZwaveJS server to 1.1.0?

Hi everyone,

Very beginner to Home Assistant – I’ve recently done the most recent updates for HA Core and OS. I’m getting an error message that my ZWave JS server has to be updated to 1.1.10 but my zwavejs2mqtt add-on is currently on version 0.4.0 and HA developers are telling me it’s too old and needs to be updated. It doesn’t say anything about the add-on having any updates available. I’m so confused on what’s going on - the latest updates have totally hosed my HA environment.

How am I supposed to force the zwavejs2mqtt add-on to update?

How did you install the addon to begin with? I’m running docker at 2.1.1.

Sorry - running HA OS on Raspberry Pi 4. I had installed it through the community add-ons.

Now I’m noticing since the latest updates I have zero community add-ons available in the add-on store… only the official add-ons.

I’m not familiar with HACS, but as long as HACS is up to date I would think it would work. I think it relies on git, so maybe something has broken that way?

It used to be available in the Add-On store under the supervisor tab, not HACS. Now my Supervisor tab -> Add-on Store is only showing Official Add-ons. These latest updates really screwed my system.