ZWaveJS2MQTT: all renamed devices/entities reset after add-on restart

Dear all,

running ZWaveJS2MQTT supervised add-on with the ZWaveJS integration. Devices get added to HA fine, and I subsequently rename devices and underlying entities. I’ve noticed however that all these are lost when restarting the add-on and all devices/entities get re-added with their default (non descriptive) names. Is anyone else seeing the same?


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Yes, this has happened to me twice now. Was running zwavejs/zwavejs2mqtt:dev until a moment ago.

I hope someone has a fix they could share! In the meantime I think I will limit my renaming to the bare minimum.


Same issue, I spent 2+ hours to rename entities and adapt automations and everything was reset to default names after a restart.
I was using zwavejs2mqtt addon with the zwavejs integration.

Same here with zwavejs and HA in two docker containers.
I upgraded zwavejs and all entities and devices disappeared from HA (even after zwavejs was done rebooting), I then restarted HA and all devices were back but with there default names.
Could be related to this :