ZwaveJS2MQTT depricated?

Hello, all - trying to get z-wave and mqtt working together, have seen many references to ZwaveJS2MQTT, though I can’t find it in HACS. I only see Z-Wave JS UI. Has that replaced ZwaveJS2MQTT? I’ve looked through the forum and have googled it, but have not found anything conclusive.

So. . . do I keep looking (with a hint where to look), or is Z-Wave JS UI what I really need?


ZwaveJS2MQTT was renamed to Zwave JS UI because it doesn’t really use MQTT (even though it is built in). Instead it relies on the websocket connection.

Also, you won’t find it in HACS because it is considered an add-on, not a third party integration. If you are running HAOS (supervisor), just install from the add-on store. If you run anything else, you have to run Zwave JS UI some other way external to HA (usually in a docker container).

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Wow, thanks for the quick reply!!!

Makes sense, but I could never find anything that directly stated it.

Guess that leads to a follow-up question: Which is preferred - the add-on (which is the direction I was going) or separately in Docker? Everything is running on Proxmox

Thanks again!

That I can’t answer well. I have only ever run HA Container so I’m forced to play the role of Supervisor and run all of my add-ons in their own docker containers I manage. However, what I understand from HAOS is the add-on makes management, configuration, setup, and updating easier because the supervisor handles all of that and all you have to do is click through a few things to setup.

Addon if using HAOS