Zwavejs2MQTT - devices with no neighbours, and gray on maps

I have just migrated all my Zwave off Vera to an Aeotec ZStick, HA, and Zwavejs2mqtt setup using websockets, not mqtt. Its brilliant! thank you all for making this awesome software.

I have a couple of devices that don’t have any registered neighbors, and hence show on the map as dead. they work, can switch on and off in zwavejs and ha

I cant workout if its a device issue or a zwave issue or a zwavejs bug.

Trying a heal fails on that device, and reinterview updates info, but no neighbours still.

two devices are a Aeotec Smart Switch 6. (gym fan, and spare switch), and one battery smoke from Heiman.

Any ideas team?

I believe the Network map is still not fully functional within Z-WaveJS or the ZStick, so if the device works it’d be best to just ignore it for now.
Also see [bug] node is connected and communicating, but shows as “unconnected” in network graph · Issue #1359 · zwave-js/zwavejs2mqtt · GitHub