ZwaveJS2MQTT - Docker to addon migration - change in sensors' behavior

Historically, I have been running ZwaveJS2MQTT in docker. I decided to migrate to HA addon. Everything went smooth except for one change - all of my door/windows sensors act differently now. I have few Aeotec and Fibaro sensors, but they both behave in the same way.

Before, there was entity called binary_sensor.xxx_access_control_window_door_is_open with on or off states, for which I could change show as to door or window.
After migration to addon, this entity is not available anymore. Re-interviewing device, deleting it or re-adding it from scratch does not change anything, this entity is no longer present.
The only way how to get this to work is to enable another entity (that is disabled by default) called sensor.xxx_access_control_door_state which only has states Window/door is closed or 22 (22 = when opened). Also, I can’t change “show as” for sensor anymore, so the only way how to overcome this is to create a binary sensor template:

- platform: template
        friendly_name: "xxx State Template"
        unique_id: xxx_template
        device_class: door
        value_template: "{{ 'on' if is_state('sensor.xxx_access_control_door_state','22') else 'off' }}"

I don’t understand why is this happening. Anyone has any clue?

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