Zwavejs2mqtt stuck at 0.37 won't update (0.39 is available)

I have installed on RPi 4, with the “as standard as possible” installation of zwavejs2mqtt, having exactly followed the 5-step simple installation (install via link Link to Add-on: Dashboard – My Home Assistant). It’s running ok now, but it’s running at 0.37. The next HA update requires 0.38, and I see 0.39 is available. The auto-update setting is turned on in the add-on settings, but there’s no indication of it wanting to actually do an update. In fact, when the add-on starts up, the logs say:

Add-on version: 0.37.0
You are running the latest version of this add-on.

How do I get it to recognize 0.38/0.39 exist?

Install the community addon repository.

Thanks! That worked. That should really be in the install instructions…

It’s just a bug, normally not needed.

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