Zwavejs2mqtt version and HA version compatibility

I run these in seperate containers. Trying to understand the version compatibility rules. This is the way I think it works. The communication between the components is via WS using a versioned schema. So this would mean:

  • when upgrading HA you may need to update zwavejs2mqtt if the HA update requires a newer schema
  • you should be able to update zwavejs2mqtt without updating HA because zwavejs2mqtt continues to support the old schema
  • if the schemas are incompatible an error is logged in HA

That’s the run down, pretty much spot on.

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Yes, I just upgraded from zwavjs2mqtt 6_6_2 to 6_12_0 and I did not have to upgrade HA where I’m running 2022_03_06 - I will update HA also once I get some run-time in on 6_12_0. Upgrade was very uneventful - so far.

It’s nice to be able to upgrade pieces independently as it simplifies the roll-back, simplifies troubleshooting (as only one thing has changed), etc.