ZWaveJS2MQTT vs. ZWaveJS and MQTT - and on what platforms?

I have two buildings, our house and barn. They are connected by a fiber cable and both are on the same LAN. The fiber is transparent as far as networking connections are concerned, but the buildings are too far apart for any wireless connection.

I have a Z-Stick 7 on my Pi with HAOS on it. I want to use a 2nd Z-Stick 7 in the barn. It looks like it’s not too hard to set up ZWaveJS2MQTT on a Pi, so I can put a Pi in the barn and set it up, then stick in the Z-Stick and set that up.

I’m hoping I don’t have to devote a Pi to this one function, so if it’s possible, I’d really prefer to to use a MacMini for this. I can’t find anything to indicate that ZWaveJS2MQTT works on anything but Linux. It looks like i can get both Z Wave JS and MQTT for Mac, but not the combined package. That brings up a few questions:

  1. Does ZWaveJS2MQTT work on a Mac? Has anyone tried it?
  2. If I install MQTT and Z Wave JS, will I get everything I get from ZWaveJS2MQTT?
  3. In case I can’t get it working on the Mac, am I right about it being easy to setup the package on a Pi or other Linux based computer?