ZWaveToMQTT Ingress Compatible Addon

The story goes like this: I tried the Beta ZWave solution, and I found it lacking - one of the many things: handling double taps in a pain in the rear. So I looked around and really liked the ZWaveToMQTT addon features and web panel very much. But the addon has a problem: the service is not Ingress friendly.

So my weekend project started: making ZWaveToMQTT an ingress friendly service. I created a PR on the project - PR-540 - and set forth to make and experimental version of the addon that uses it: this is the result.

This is an experimental build, while the PR gets eventually reviewed, if you are the experimenting person give it a shot and let me know.


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Updated: the changes have been merged upstream, so we should be able soon to get a version that will work under Ingress for the core addon. Will keep this post updated.