Zwcfg xml device sharing

Some times when a Z-Wave device is added the zwcfg xml does not have all the information that is needed for the device in it.
It could also happen if you delete the zwcfg file and want it to loaded again, then suddenly something is missing.
I fix it with adding the correct information in the zwcfg for the devices I have. But sometimes I don’t have the information for the device and I don’t get it to work then, like now I have a Fibaro smoke sensor that I could not get to work since much is missing in the zwcfg for it.

I would like us to share known working zwcfg xml files so others could get it and have their non working devices to work.

These are the ones that I have that I know work for sure:
zwcfg Aeotec Z-Stick Gen5.xml (58.0 KB)

zwcfg Aeotec Garage Door Controller.xml (178.9 KB)

zwcfg Aeotec ZW100 MultiSensor 6.xml (201.2 KB)

zwcfg Fibaro FGWPE Wall Plug.xml (247.4 KB)

You have to add your node id to use it, also if your controller is not node id 1 I think you would have to change some places which says node id 1 in there.