Zy-m100 presence sensor state not updating

hey, so i have an issue where my zigbee 2.4ghz zy-m100 sensor doesn’t update one of its sensors, which means the built in automations doesn’t work. However, the other sensor works fine, it detects moving, present and none state but it won’t let me use that for making automation.

Presence = doesn’t update (stuck on away) (used for automations)
Presence state = constantly updating (moving, present, none) (won’t let me select to use for automations)

You can see that there is two sensors
What can I do to make it work? I was thinking of making a script to detect if presence state is moving or present and if 's “none” there there is no presence but i dont have any clue on how to do this

Any help is appreciated

Before doing any deeper troubleshooting I suggest that you begin to rule out both EMF interference (which can cause symptoms like you describe) as well as lack of routes due to having too few Zigbee Router devices. Ruling out those first should make troubleshooting much easier and less frustrating.

Recommend read and follow these tips → Guide for Zigbee interference avoidance and network range/coverage optimization

Especially be sure to connect the Zigbee Coordinator adapter via a long USB extension cable to a USB 2.0 port (and not a USB 3.x or USB 4.x port ). Zigbee devices are very sensitive EMF/RMI/RMI interference and have a relatively short range and these are the most common root causes for this.

Also add a few mains-powered Zigbee products that are known to work as good Zigbee Router devices (e.i. Zigbee signal repeater/extender) to act as the stable backbone of your Zigbee network mesh. Generally, the more Zigbee Router devices you have the more stable your Zigbee network mesh should become.

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thanks turned out i had to update zigbee2mqtt to zigbee2mqtt EDGE version to get the sensor to work.

I still have the same problem. And the EDGE solution didnt work out. any other suggestions? It keeps stuck on the away and not present while im next to it but it can still detect the lx from the light.

EDIT: I cant change the sensitivity neither.

i had to connect the sensor to smart life to get it to work again (then repair with homeassistant), it seems to work better on smart life much more reliable