ZY-M100 WiFi not showing illumination and missing configuration entities

I have recently bought two mWave presence sensors:

  • ZY-M100-WIFI存在感应器 (k2h8vkj98fhvnpiv) → wall mounted
  • WiFi Human Presence Sensor (yroelksjtb4ehda8) → ceiling mounted

I added both devices through the Smart Life app and verified both the presence and light detection works.
Then installed the recently updated Tuya integration that comes with HA 2023.3.0.
The devices were successfully added to HA and for each device 4 entities were created:

  • Motion (sensor)
  • Far detection (configuration)
  • Near detection (configuration)
  • Sensitivity (configuration)

However the Light sensor and the configuration entities for Target, Detection_Delay and Fading_time as exposed in the Smart Life app are not exposed in HA.

I found many references for the ZigBee version of this sensor and the custom quirks to use but nothing on the WiFi version. As far as I know, quirks do not apply to WiFi devices (but I might be wrong).

My question, how can I expose the missing entities in HA?

You help and guidance is appreciated!

I have same issue. I found how to fix zigbee version with custom quirk but do not know how to fix WiFi version

Haven’t found an answer yet unfortunately

I’m having the same issue. I ordered one WiFi and one Zigbee from one manufacturer, and a different WiFi sensor from another maker. Connected both of the WiFi sensors through the Tuya app. Setup was easy, and both devices show illuminance data in the Tuya app, but not in Home Assistant under the Tuya integration.

Oddly, even though setting up the Zigbee device was a pain (I ended up installing Z2MQTT), it has full functionality in Home Assistant.

If I could figure out TuyaLocal, I think that might be more successful.

I did a “Diagnostics” dump from the WiFi sensors, and they are reporting illuminance. The front end just isn’t showing it.