0.105 is a mess. What happened?

After successfully using and upgrading hass for many months we’re back lots of stuff braking again.

Restart button is not working
Almost impossible to update to 0.105.2
Lovelace not loading all config
Scenes editor is not saving
Hue + scenes is broken
Generally slow as hell

After many restart efforts seems like my setup is almost completely dead. Loading of components fail every time.

Please improve the reliability in the future. WAF is decreasing.

PS: Using Rpi3

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I’ve noticed the slow down as well, although it’s not consistent, and I’ve not seen your other issues either.

Also on rPi3

Have you submitted bug reports for these issues along with config and log messages?

Have you rolled back to 104 to see if things stabilize?

Just wondering… I’m not sure ranting on a user support forum is going to get the results you seem in search of.


yes it is

No it isn’t

Mine is

Not noticeably different.

I am not doubting your experience, but my point is that the problem is NOT 0.105.x, the problem is with YOUR SYSTEM and 0.105.x

What he said!


I will submit issues, there are already issues submitted and you can clearly see from other threads that 0.105 has brought along several problems

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mine is not working, it shut down my Pi3, but this is not related to 105. But z-wave causes a lot of problems with 105. This is not wrong telling that 105 generated some problems. This is the first time I have to rollback. And have a very simple config.

It is not true to say that 0.105 is a mess, just not true!

read me carefully and slow down, I didn’t say it was a mess, this is not my post, be correct!

True you didn’t say that, sorry if I implied so.

Of course the reason I may be unaffected by these problems is that I do not use z-wave.

Also no issues at all here (RPi4, Buster)

After upgrade the reboot went well. Had some issues with Zone and Device Tracker.
After a second reboot everything went ok again.

Yes, also seems fine here, and I quite like the upgrade. This doesn’t help you much, of course, except to say that there’s light at the end of the tunnel when you work out what the issue is with yours :slight_smile:

They are constantly improving upon Home Assistant and need to let go of some old features and adapt more of the newer ones for more consistency and ensure more people can adopt a user friendlier approach. This means new things could indeed impact some of your overall experience and we should continue to report to have all things sorted. They do release beta versions for people to test with and report back. But i don’t think that community is anywhere as big as the community using home assistant as their production environment. So unfortunately not everything can be solved before a release to the public.

Sometimes things also break, and sometimes I wonder why they have removed a component but I tend to keep in mind I do not know the bigger picture, nor know how version 1.0 should be in the eyes of the owners and contributors. So I am sure they have very good reasons to do these changes, maybe some better things are coming soon that replaces the things you’re missing.

Regarding the restart, running it from a rpi4. When i press restart, it takes the machine about 2-3 minutes to actually restart… i think it has something to do with the new safe mode. Just assuming here, no actual debugging done

Nice words… and everybody must remember: its free… The developers put so many time in this wonderful application. We all must be grateful those group of people give this to use to use!!


My upgrade to 0.105.2 crashed badly, home assistant did not wanted to start at all. I had to roll back to 0.104.3. After upgrade config check reports errors, that are not reported by check in previous versions. I must admitt that I have relatively complex setup, with lots of devices and several integrations (some are from HACS, so definitelly not tested to the same extend as native integrations). So from this perspective I think discussion about is it update or is it your system causing problems is pointless, since each installation is unique. Problem might be on home assistant side due to specific configuration, that others do not have or it might be problem with custom component… that other might bnot have installed either. With so many combinations it is simply not possinble to test and troubleshoot everything before releasing to public.
Braking changes… yes, these have to be implemented, as product evolves and its internal architecture gets standardized/unified. It might be painfull if you upgrage from 0.8x instantly to 0.105.x as there might be lots of changes and lots of braking changes… nbot all easy to spot or be fixed with such upgrade. Thats why I make all of upgrades instantly. This allows for smaller, incremental changes to be done in configuration and also independent developers have more time to fix their components. Likehood of totaly crashing installation is minimized and most likely fixing and testing comfiguration aafter breaking changes are corrected is much easier in at least partially working enwironment.
HOWEVER, one thing I’d expect from home assistant itself, is that it should be able to start core and give us access to UI regardless of faced issues and eventually only block not functional add-ons or integrations. It is in fact sort of implemented with 0.105.x Safe Mode… though with upgrade crashing it inot possible to experience this functionality.

nit sure what it boils down to yet, but 105.2 brought back many issues for me too. I also see the unreliable restart issue, and it has been months for me to need to ssh into the instance for restarts…

also, and that is the worst part of it, 105.3 causes the Hue integration to reintroduce disconnects and all lights repeatedly to show Unavailable. This has been an indicator for system internal issues.

Up to non workable, but struggling to find the cause…

No problem, sure “mess” is maybe inappropriate, english is not my mother tongue, so this world doesn’t talk to me. I like very much HA and I choose to leave a Vera commercial solution because mainly of hardware independence and I like the way HA evolves. But I also understand the frustration of some people trying to update without success and having the impression to loose all their configuration. Sure we accept to be beta tester and we have to accept also that the system is not perfect, but that kind of reaction is human… ok, will go to drink a beer now.

Hello I also report general slow responsiveness of the GUI especially from android devices.
I have Hassos 3.9 and HA 0.105.2 running on a Virtualbox server.
Up to yesterday, before upgrading, everything was running fast without any lag neither into PC GUI nor in the android app.
How can I rollback to 0.104 just to verify that the issue is coming by the update?
Thanks a lot.

I do it by ssh’ing into my ha (ssh [email protected]) and issuing something like

hassio ha update --version=0.104.2

I’m not a developer, I’m a user with feedback and it that way I too am a contributor. I hope we can have a community where it’s possible to give qualitative feedback and voice concern without someone taking it personal and going into full defense-mode. I haven’t seen anyone not appreciating the time spent by all the contributors. The fact is that Home Assistant is becoming a central part of peoples homes now and quality is getting more important than quantity. This is even more important now that HA is more user friendly than ever.

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Agreed, as am I. But it seems to me this forum is a place for Users of the platform to ask questions and assist each other. Unless I’m missing something, the original post asked no questions and instead had a directive to improve reliability of future releases - which I interpreted to be directed toward developers. I was merely suggesting a better pathway for that request - and a way for you to assist with ensuring better reliability in future.