0.106: Light brightness stepping, better Safe Mode and person dialog

I suspect the coinmarketcap integration is broken as the underlying coinmarketcap public api has now been decommissioned.

Has anyone else experienced issues?

Scrolling bug still present on 106.5 and iPhone.

Still there on 106.5

I’ve opened the issue. Unfortunately I can’t seem to tag it, as I don’t have write access?


Wohooooo brightness_step_pct is definitly a big deal ! :slight_smile:

But wouldn’t it be absolute consistent and super cool if you do the same on all the other direct related guys?
I mean:


Did you figure this out? I upgraded last night and my floorplan no longer works giving the same error.

There is an issue open with the card developer for this:

Thanks @tom_l , this fixed for me:

1. floorplan.js
Line 61 of floorplan.js
this.config = Object.assign({},config);

2. floorplan-card.js
Can you change line 16 or 17 to
this.config = JSON.parse(JSON.stringify(config));

3. clear app & browser cach

Yes CMC is totally broken. But BitFetch just released a custom component that is almost a drop in replacement for CMC and has numerous other benefits as well (more generous API limits, faster response time, live instead of delayed data, etc).