0.109: New integrations page and weather card, frontend lost weight

that’s the yellow full moon


It’s already fixed, now I only need the pull request to be accepted https://github.com/home-assistant/core/pull/35252

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Because your weather Integration is telling the card the state is sunny. Nothing changed on which type of icon to show

Yea, probably not a card issue, but the question still stands…
The few weather integrations HA has in core should all check for day/night and adjust state accordingly.
We’ve been over this so many times that one almost would shrug and think ‘o never mind ‘. Almost.

I have to say, that despite a couple of teething issues (which were - as usual - user error - had resources in my ui-lovelace as opposed to config which blocked the initial upgrade) this version has vastly improved the performance. I have some pretty big cards which were previously unusable on iphone, now it all works swimmingly!!!

Thanks a million for a great update!

Check this thread if you can find a fix.
Google unavailable after upgrade to 0.109.x

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It is the card actually. My card detects day/night and uses a different icon for that. But it’s really not a big deal surely?

well, I find it really silly, and, as I am fiddling about with my HA code during the evenings (nights…) it is rather confronting tbh.
What intelligent HA doesn’t even know the difference between day and night and requires their users to set all kinds of templates/custom cards/customizations to make the difference…

Using Darksky shows how it could be done, unfortunately that will be deprecated from next year on…

Like I said it’s the CARD that selects the icon…

why then does @zsarnett say: 0.109: New integrations page and weather card, frontend lost weight

your weather Integration is telling the card the state is sunny

maybe because the integrations doesnt offer ‘night’ … which brings back the discussion in the core integrations not doing so?

No. The state from the provider is sunny but the card can check if the sun is up or down and use a different icon. (Mine does!)

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I see what you mean, and yes, that would be considered second best, or at least a guard for incorrect states. The current weather-forecast card should probably do that. (at least for as long as the core integrations show incorrect states)

the provider, (in my case Buienradar, but I’ve just read an issue on home assistant/frontend about Openweathermap), of course shouldn’t use state ‘sunny’ during sundown, or night in the first place.

Lots of providers don’t have a different state at night. (BOM in Australia doesn’t for example). Generic way is if the card handles it by setting a different icon at a different time.

lets hope the card rewrite (@zsarnett) will take this into account… Would certainly applaud your way of solving the generic issue. Of course, this doesn’t only apply for the ‘clear’ condition…

Yeah… I have icons for night/day for around 6 conditions.

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Which card do you use?

think this is new info, so post the link once more: https://github.com/home-assistant/frontend/issues/5774

no solution pointing at each other…

Have to say, love the new weather card. Really appreciate the simplicity of information, and the icons and colours are lovely.

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It is the BOM weather card in HACS. It will work with any provider in any country even though it says bom Australia


Ah, did not know that. Will give it a try :slight_smile: