0.110 Calendar week start sunday should be changeable to monday

Well, thats it.
Most of countries start their weeks on monday.

I raised the question in the 0.110 announcement topic. The answer was can’t be done, but there is a PR.

What does a PR mean?

Pull-request to make the changes.

Ok, thanks.

Yup. Got me totally confused today, after updating to 0.111.4. In Germany, weeks also start on Mondays. Otherwise, I really like the new calendar dashboard.

PLEASE VOTE FOR THIS (top left)! Hopefully, this isn’t too hard to implement—almost every calendar app I know allows setting the week start.

Asked when 0.110 came out. It’s still not in 0.112 :frowning: Given it’s an implementation of an existing open source javascript calendar that has this ability, it’s disappointing.

Now available as a Lovelace card, still without this option :frowning:

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I even raised the question in the WTH month. :frowning: