0.112: Making things faster; Logbook & History

Disabling Speedtest auto-test is not working.


It looks like HACS was causing the issue, disabled HACS and Homeassistant started fine
Will have to dig to see what is the issue with HACS.
If someone already knows, please point out.


How to find the problem, why my Home Assistant crashes once a day, every day?
Since update to 0.112 and so on…

Check your logs for errors.

Monitor your system resources.

@frenck any chance that when a new sub release is posted on the home page that the URL could go directly to the changes? for example when 0.112.5 comes out click on it goes to the .5 section of the release notes. (even if the hyperlink is only on the .x part would be helpful)

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That is currently not possible.

Why not just check the release notes on GitHub, this brings you straight to latest release…

(sometimes the latest one is a beta, but 9 times out of 10 it’s what you want)


I will do that. thanks for the info

I am not sure if it is you that has posted this request previously, but it is not difficult to find the release notes for a .x release. Say you click on the link that takes you to the 0.112 release notes, but you are looking for 0.112.3. All you need to do is type a few characters, probably ctrl-f 12.3 will take you straight there. If it doesn’t (because the string 12.3 appears somewhere else on the page, ctrl-f 0.112.3 will assuredly take you there.

Really, just chill, talk about 1st world problems!

I know you gave a helpful reply but seriously, HA itself is a solution to 1st World Problems and I didn’t think the original request was unreasonable. If it could be done. Which it can’t. That fact was accepted without drama…



Can you explain me, the best way to do? I am not really an expert…

To view the error log go to http://homeassistant.local:8123/config/logs

To add some system monitor sensors read this:

At a minimum you should monitor the disk use, memory use and processor use.

same problem, any solution?

Thank you, got it working

I’m getting way too slow speedtest results…

Completely smooth update from 0.111.4 to 0.112.4 - loving the speed! My thanks to all who contributed.

That’s probably because it tests multiple times a minute, slowing everything down/using a lot of resources. Try to re-apply the settings (must be done after every restart).

Yeah have done too, after reboot changed the update frequency and server, but still waaaay to slow

Tp-Link integration for a hs110 monitored PowerPoint seems to have dropped off the daily energy attribute? Worked previously in 0.112.3 or maybe 0.112.2

The attribute was called ‘today_energy_kwh’.

Be great if this could be added back in as it was really useful to see the daily energy use.

NOTE : Found out that this is still working but the switch needs internet access after a power outage, I assume to set the current time which is used to set the daily capture. My switch daily energy started working again after temporarily connecting to the internet again (and then disabling).

All I can say is WOW. I wish HA had ran this fast this past year and half I’ve been using it. Instant response for everything. Yea, it is always a bit snappier after a full reboot of the supervisor and core but this is on another level. Still I’ll report back in a week on how stable and responsive it still is. Generally that was how long it would run before it became unstable. And I’d either have to do a clean reboot or a hard and dirty reboot with a lot of hoping.