0.81: new Lovelace cards, LG soundbars, Dyson fans, Elk-M1


This release is a major milestone – 100 contributors have contributed over the last two weeks. A great bit thank you to everybody who contributed, both those returning and those who’ve been involved for their first time.

To go with the configuration entry support, MQTT also now also integrates with the device registry. Not to be left out, LIFX, SimpliSafe, and Z-Wave have all gained both device registry support, and configuration entry support.

Lovelace has another three new cards, the alarm panel, the button card, and the thermostat card:

Screenshot of the thermostat card.

The glance card, and the button card can also be themed now, and the way the columns in the glance card has changed. There’s also long press support, custom UI support, and more (yes, Lovelace is feeling the love this release).

Other things to be aware of:

  • We have a new service home_assistant.update_entity to request the update of an entity, rather than waiting for the next scheduled update. This means you can set a really long scan_interval in the platform_options and then update on demand, ideal for those services where you have low API limit.
  • Template sensors will no longer auto update if we can’t find relevant entities in the template. You’ll want to review your template sensors and consider adding relevant entity_id entries or use the new homeassistant.update_entity service.
  • Water heaters get their own platform separate from climate, because you’re not a fish living inside the hot water tank

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Problem after Updating in Lovelace

It seems all my sensor templates based on TP-Link HS-110 (power plug) attributes stopped updating. Any advice on geting them working again?
The docs don’t really help.


Looks like there are lovelace problems


Not sure, but i think I see this when using:

  • type: weather-forecast
  • type: media-control
  • type: sensor
    in a vertical or horizontal stack


@ladefoged81, read about the template sensors in the Breaking Changes


I read them and are aware that there are breaking changes hence the problems.
So I’m supposed to make a script that updates sensor templates manually every x seconds, minuttes etc to get these working again?


For me the templates work when adding the entity_ids to the sensor.


How to change label ‘Upstairs’ of Thermostat card to custom?
And how to change thermostat step from 1 to 0.5 degree?


I can confirm this issue. Media-control in vertical-stack getting problems.


Looks like there’s a fix in progress.

These guys rock!!


So there are no examples of how to include an entity_id?

          - sensor.dark_sky_daytime_high_temperature_1
          - sensor.dark_sky_overnight_low_temperature_1
          - sensor.dark_sky_precip_probability_1
        friendly_name_template: >
          {%- set date = as_timestamp(now()) + (1 * 86400 ) -%}
          {{ date | timestamp_custom("Tomorrow (%d/%m)") | replace("(0", "(") | replace("/0", "/") }}
        value_template: >
        entity_picture_template: >-
          {{ '/local/icons/dark_sky/' ~ states.sensor.dark_sky_icon_1.state ~ '.png'}}

Is that what it’s looking for?


Any plans on adding Nest Motion sensors to the Nest add-on?


I get the same problem with weather-card in vertical-stack. Works fine if I take the card out of the stack.


First off all, great work! Love the new cards.

But it looks like there are some issues and missing config? Not sure if it’s only me?

How can I change the title? It would be great if I could set the temperature-adjustments in the config, e.g. adjusting 0,5 degrees. There is also something fishy about the icons. The first card is my heat-pump, there I don’t have a fan. The second one is regular floor heat in the bathroom - there I have a fan for some reason.

Just changed from the custom to the integrated card. How can I remove the numpad? And if I’m going to use the numpad, where do I set the code?

Just added it. But does not work in vertical-stack. Not sure if this is because of this update or not.


Seems to have broken Schlage BE469 locks. They do not report correctly nor can you command them to lock or unlock. Quite dangerous as I had a situation where my locks said locked but kids came home and it was not locked!

My Kwikset lock is working fine so seems isolated to the BE469 (I have 3 of them all doing the same thing).


Also having this issue. Threw me off at first as I have a thermostat labeled “Upstairs”. Overall liking the update though.


Same, both of my HVAC units (sensibo component) are called upstairs and neither has a fan, although they should have. The fan shows up in the older style UI.

Also the traditional climate component also has other options for mode, like auto, dry and fan (ie in addition to heat and cool), and also has swing mode for the direction blades on the hvac unit.

So all in a nice start, but some errors need fixing, and some work before it becomes a complete climate component replacement.


There are some errors in the thermostat card which will apparently be fixed soon.



“Swing” is a temperature differential. It’s the temperature range between when an HVAC system activates and deactivates.

Honestly, it’s unclear to me why swing is even handled by the climate component. Swing is something you configure once upon installing the thermostat and then rarely ever touch again.

In contrast, ‘hold’ is a function one is more likely to use (to override a schedule) yet isn’t shown in the Frontend UI.


Not in this context. Swing mode in home assistant sets the way the blades in the front of the unit swing, this affects air distribution.

Edit: vanes is probably a better term than blades.


Jayzus, adjusting vanes? That’s more esoteric than temperature differential!

Which climate platform(s), for a residential thermostat, handle swing?

I’ve seen in it MQTT HVAC but that’s a catchall (good for home-brew HVAC control).