0.81: new Lovelace cards, LG soundbars, Dyson fans, Elk-M1


Hm… could you give me some more details please? Where did you add it?

I had target_temp_step: 0.5 set for all climate devices via customize_glob.yaml.
This works for the old style Thermostat but not the new Thermostat card type.

Adding target_temp_step: 0.5 to each of my MQTT HVAC devices and removing it from customize_glob.yaml resulted in 1° steps for both styles.
This would also explain why target_temp_step is missing from the official documentation.

Thanks in advance!



I just realized that I have the same problem as you :frowning:
I have target_temp_step added to my MQTT HVAC device under Configuration --> Customize and this works great but not with the lovelace thermostat.

Sorry about that :wink:


In the Frontend version of the thermostat, if not defined by target_temp_step, it derives the step-size from the unit system. For Fahrenheit it uses 1 and for Celsius it’s 0.5.

In the Lovelace version, there’s no code for setting the roundslider’s step parameter. step is defined here and its default value is 1. If step were set to 0.5 then roundslider would increment/decrement in half-degrees.

I don’t know how to communicate this enhancement to the developers. Post it as a Feature Request in this forum or submit it as an issue in Github?


File an issue on github.


Thermostat for Lovelace fixed for my Netatmo in 0.81.4 :+1:t3:


I created a GitHub account, navigated to the home-assistant/home-assistant-polymer repo, clicked New Issue and within the template I saw this:

No problem; at least I now have a GitHub account for future use.


hi, have anyone a problem with lovelace update entity after 0.81.4? if i change a swicht or a light status the ui don’t update itself untill i refresh…


This is fixed in 0.81.5


8.1.5 now is giving me lots of this error;

Any thoughts?


Error doing job: SSL handshake failed
Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "uvloop/handles/stream.pyx", line 609, in uvloop.loop.UVStream._on_eof
  File "uvloop/sslproto.pyx", line 171, in uvloop.loop._SSLPipe.feed_ssldata
  File "/usr/local/lib/python3.6/ssl.py", line 689, in do_handshake
ssl.SSLError: [SSL: HTTP_REQUEST] http request (_ssl.c:841)


Hi everyone. I also have lots of errors with this version. How do you guys deal with it?


0.81.6 seems to have broken Lovelace again. Unfortunately I can’t figure out what it is just yet because no errors show up, it just results in a blank screen for a page I use vertical-stacks, conditionals etc. Anyone else experience this? Reverting back to 0.81.5 Fixes the issue.


Some entity unavailable?

I had the same problem, and deleting an unavailable entity fixed the problem (with 0.80 even if entity was unavailable the view would show)


Browser cache cleared?


After all of the issues others had with upgrading I finally got up the nerve to do the update to 0.81.6.

Everything seems OK except now my cameras (using the Foscam platform) are no longer showing as a full display on the frontend. They now only show as icons with a toggle. Once I click on them they show a normal view in the pop up window.


How can I get them to go back to a full view like before? I don’t see anything about this in the docs or in the breaking changes for this release.

Next I now have a pop up that tells me there are newly discovered items and when I click “check it out” it takes me to the integrations page and lists my Chromecast, MQTT and Z wave components. The Chromecast was there before (but frankly I never really knew what to do with it either). the Z wave says “(import from configuratio.yaml)”. Then if I click that I’m taken to a page that has all of my Z wave devices listed along with all associated entities. I’m not really sure what I’m supposed to do with that information.

Is it trying to tell me there is something I should be doing?

The reference to the z wave docs in the release notes (wow, was that buried way down in the deep recesses…) don’t really give any clarification.


using custom_ui? see: Weather on 0.81.0.dev0 (0.81.1) shows camera as switch..?


Awesome! Thanks for that info!

It fixed not only my camera’s but also my history-graphs and media players that I hadn’t even noticed that were borked, as well.


I may have seen this too. For some reason I’m not getting the alarm_type 19 at all. Lock is still joined secure to HA since I can lock/unlock remotely. I did however recently remove batteries from the lock for several hours.

Other alarm_types are coming through though…