0.87: SmartThings, Areas and Entity Registry UI.


For some reason I can’t find a link to a new “UI to manage the entity registry”. What do I miss?



Ok, nevermind: Ctrl-F5 fixed that!


Anyone else’s updater.updater missing after this update?


Hoping that hot fix (0.87.1) is released soon.


Anyone else not able able to find the entity registry UI?


Hi. I have exact same issue. If you figure this out, can you please let me know? I’ll do the same. Thanks


It’s here:


Do you have frontend: latest in config? I think it’s part of the frontend. Failing that try CTRL+Refresh a few times… or if in chrome, F12 for Dev Tools then right click on refresh and select hard reload and delete cache.

I assume that you are all looking in the side panel->configuration for the entity registry and area registry?


I got it. I went to the Configuration panel after I upgraded and it just wasn’t there. I even restarted HA from the General -> Server Management -> Restart.

What worked for me was simply reloading the webpage when I was on the Configuration page like that of your screenshot.


My envisalink component has broken as part of this update. It says connection failed, but I can telnet on port 4025 fine. Unfortunately this breaks a lot for me (security, presence using my PIR detectors, etc) and it took months for the last envisalink fix to make it into the mainline release so I am torn between troubleshooting and rollback.


I’m having an issue with iliad platform: the new sesor worked for (maybe) 2 hours and then simply disappeared…
I double checked my config, I have no errors in log but my sensor is disappeared
@eliseomartelli, any hint to debug it?


I’ve listened others talking about problems with the Iliad platform.

I don’t have this kind of problems in my personal setup.
Can you share more of that?
(Setup type, log, …)

You could also open an issue here:


thank you for your fast reply.

using hassio, sensor configuration is trivial… As I said, it worked for some time and then is disappeared, meaning that I can’t see/find it in my sensors…
will try to search in the log


None of my automations are running since updating. Anyone else seeing this? Fwiw I’m on hassio


Are they on?
If so, is there an error in the log?


They all turned off. That is so strange. I didn’t even think to check that. Never seen that before. Thanks for the quick thought.


I always wonder, there’s an easy way to create automations/scripts/even Integration entities on the fly, but why isn’t there a way to create input_number/input_boolean on the fly w/o having to restart HA every time.

My HA doesn’t initialize my LG custom smartthinq component if at boot, washing machine is off.

There must be an easier way?


That was a change some releases back.
If you want to avoid that your automation will be switched off, after a restart, you need add `initial_state: ‘on’ to every automation.


I was going to suggest that next. :smiley:


are you taliking about the component iliad_italy?

I do have it and it gives an error

[homeassistant.components.sensor.iliad_italy] Check username and password
Isn’t the username, the ID Utente? Because I put the correct values