0.94.3 - multiple trackers, group.all_devices and what is "home"

So here’s a new quirk with multiple trackers and how HA handles it.

i3, 8Gb Ram, 128Gb SSD, ubuntu 18.04, Hassio in docker, 0.94.3

2 people, each with 1 BT tracker (in known devices) and 1 Owntracks tracker (done via “Integrations”) combined under “person”.

The latest update fixed the OwnTracks and zones issue… but now I’m seeing a new quirk. Both our BT trackers were disconnected, but both our owntracks trackers showed us as “home”. The people were shown as “home” but my group.all_devices (which contains only those 4 trackers) shows as “not_home”. And I could swear that just a few releases ago that was (correctly) showing as home

What’s the logic that group.all_devices uses to determine home vs away when 2 devices are home and 2 are away? (1 tracker from each person was away (bt) and 1 each was home (gps).)

Any ideas?

(I also have a weird quirk happening with the Owntracks battery attribute going to “unknown” and not updating, even though the GPS position is updating and showing correctly, but that can be saved for another topic)


Have you looked at the “person” component docs? it has a (sort of…) explanation on how HA prioritizes device trackers.

I’m referring to all_devices, not person. (The person component is working as it should be.)

You might want to look at group.all_devices more closely. I’ll bet you the owntracks device_tracker entities are no longer part of it.

I’d recommend you create your own group and include all four device_tracker entities, or include the two person entities.

That’s a line of thought I didnt take yet. I’ll go poking around and see if that’s the case. Thanks!

Finally had a chance to dig into this deeper, and it looks like all_devices has all 4 trackers in there (BT and Owntracks) so I’m not quite sure that’s the issue.

Well that’s weird, because when I tried using owntracks the owntracks device_tracker entities were definitely not in group.all_devices. Hmm. Are you looking at group.all_devices’ entity_id attribute?

Yeah… here’s the full attributes (I renamed the attributes for privacy, but this is otherwise all of it):

entity_id: device_tracker.note8,device_tracker.iphone,device_tracker.OT_iphone,device_tracker.OT_note8
order: 2
auto: true
friendly_name: all devices
hidden: true

having the same with locative device tracker. does anybody found the way to fix it? it still missing in all devices group…

It looks like devices that are handled by the entity registry as of 0.94 do not add their devices to the group.all_devices. There’s been talk of getting rid of auto-generated groups for a while. I personally am manually creating a group.all_people and using that instead. I was wondering why my lights weren’t turning on! If my understanding of the situation is correct, this should be flagged as a breaking change.

For locative fix I suggest to vote here: