Fix Locative Bug

Locative state restore is not working since ~0.94.
Opened an issue in github, but it was closed by @martinhjelmare saying it is a “Feature Request” despite it was working perfectly before 0.94.

Original github issue:

Now all you need is a mod to close this topic because it’s a bug not a feature request. :rofl:

(I, personally, would agree that things that used to work but no longer do aren’t feature requests but bugs, but the dev clearly feels otherwise :man_shrugging: - I won’t actually be closing this thread)

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Sometimes what I do when im already inside the circle is do a test in locative app.
The entity is back again and you can change the state in develop tool

Would be nice to see this bug solved…

Then you and radinsky should both vote for it.

done that, also updated few threads of discussions on the subject…