115 and the last patches and the way you are going about working with the developers

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Deleted this post cause of all the aggressive discussion it generates.

I tried to build bridges. But that cant be Done here.

It may be a language thing but I have to be honest and say I think what you say shows disrespect for the developers.

I’m new to HA (a few months) but it seems to me the devs do an excellent job of collecting feedback and delivering functionality and fixes - just look at WTH. The most significant challenges I have faced since starting to use HA have been with poorly documented/supported/updated community components.

Not looking for fight, simply expressing an opinion based on my own, admittedly limited, experiences.


You are saying they are not working with the community, yet they just spent a month providing a release that fixed all kinds of quirks the community asked to be fixed.

As far as custom cards/components, there is a well established release cycle. There is a well defined beta release complete with each change documented. If the developer of your custom card/component isn’t keeping up with these changes it is not the core teams fault.

IMO its not the core teams responsibility to keep track of all custom cards/components and make sure their aren’t conflicts, that would be nearly impossible.


I mean no disrespect towards the developers other then to tell them that i see that me and other dont like the changes thats been made as of late and how they are trying to slim down the code to make it load faster. and in the process they kill allot of cards out there in the process.

If thats me shoing dissrespect then im sorry that the delopers made me get to this point.
Cant say i se how doing that by me expressing that i think they should pay better attention to the commuinity. But again thats not wat im going for. But if this path they wanna keep going, many wont wanna follow.

So you mean nothing can be done and everything is fine? I find that hard to se. Its like a company saying that nothing is wrong here when people keeps leaving it for better jobs. Something can always be done. And imo theres allot more that can be done to make things easyer for the community and developers to work together.

Im saying what more does the core team need to do? They basically say here is everything that is going to change two weeks for each release. If the custom card/component developers aren’t using that info and adjusting as needed, how is the core team supposed to do more?

There are some custom component developers that do this, Ive seen a few fixes come out early in the beta cycle for a component.


Not only that but major changes are depreciated for a couple of versions first. They continue to work but you are given warning that they won’t soon and need to either contact the developer or stop using it.


This is bound to happen with custom cards. You can’t fault the Home Assistant developers for custom UI items. They did not write the code. It’s up to the person who made the custom:light-entity-card to fix the issues.

EDIT: In fact, the author of that card decided not to make changes and mentions that in the latest PR about this issue. So if anything, you should be upset with him and not the core development team.


Well if its the light entety card you talking about he blames dev team u blame him. And im saying everyone should work together and not apart.
That seems to be hard to do, And i think that’s sad own its own.
If anything is to blame then its the spirit of not working together.

Seems that none of you are getting what im trying to say. and rather in seeing my point the blame game starts.

I gave hes card as a example. And we both know whats not the only card.
ill walk away from this now and hope that one day you will se my point before its 2 late. Bye.

Who are you talking about laying the blame game? Here’s a direct quote from you not even an hour ago…

Are you just trolling to get a rise out of people? If so, please take the time to read the Code of Conduct.


Pedro why you calling me a troll for saying something that acually true?
Ive not called you anything.

If anyone trying to get a rise out of someone its you right now.
But i guess you succeeded sins i replied.

I guess my intentions of getting a discussion on what could be a light in the dark to move against something that would have more people wanna develope things for homeassistant and not more card dissapearing has failed.

Its sad to se, i’d close this post sins ive failed to made something possetive out of this.
But i cant do that.

I’m asking if you’re trolling because you are contradicting yourself. I honestly cannot tell your motives here. You’re asking people not to play the blame game, yet you’re doing it yourself. That in itself is trolling behavior.

At the time of the post That was by the info given how i understood the situation. And so i made this post hoping something could be done in order to make less card developers loose intrest’s of developing cards for homeassistant.

And if its as you saying that its the card maker fault, then my first post kind is the same. If they blame the developers and developers blame the card makers that just a spinning loop of something not good.
And i think something should be done about that. Thats what im trying to say.

If it comes across as me trolling then again i failed. I just would love to se less great cards dying on patches.

Well, to build a bridge you basically need to build it from both sides.
As Petro (not Pedro), Tom and Silvrr say above they post the Beta Two Weeks before release, all the PR’s are veiwable and you can see which are approved to be merged. You have detailed notes on what will be affected. You can even read ALL the code if you want.
It seems The bridge from the HA side is easily reaching the middle and then some
What has the developer of your card done ?
You do know that ‘technically’ the whole of HA is still in Beta and regular changes are expected to happen as part of it’s development.
Further as you know all the above why are you using third-party software that you know will not be updated by the core team (after all it’s not theirs) and therfore will be out of step with the rest of HA
What is wrong with the standard cards ?
I’ve just responded to another guy (as did Tom) on this very issue.
As you made these choices you HAVE to accept some responsibility for the consequences.

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Yes, I understand what you’re saying. You’re asking for better communication and collaboration between the developers and the custom developers. I believe that is already being done between the most active custom developers.


The lazy loading of cards began around June, you cant keep everything running for ever. The card developer would have to have updated sometimes or it was inevitable it work break

If you want to have an adult conversation then provide a reasoned argument with supporting evidence that stands up to cross examination.

Perhaps you could point the devs to these other examples you are referring to? Could you ask some of these other card developers that have a problem to post thier experiences? Or provide examples of exactly how you think the situation can be improved? Perhaps develop your own cards with the support the devs are clearly giving so others can benefit?

Quite honestly I think the devs and mods are showing a great deal of tolerance.

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Deleted this post cause of all the aggressive discussion it generates.

I tried to build bridges. But that cant be Done here.

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are you making suggestion that regular user should join development in order to solve issue reported by OP?
It’s nothing else but adding fuel to the fire.

tbh OP’s findings are hard to be denied. Yeah it’s critiques, But far to be offensive to trigger mods what you are suggesting.

so you just ignore the 3 other points I made and pick that because it suits your narrative? OK. bye.

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