2.0 Release Update

Here’s my quick update that I’m dashing off before bed (just waiting for build 61 to finish building):

  • 2.0 will be finalized in the next 72 hours.
  • Only thing left to do now is rework connection stuff to allow users to specify exactly how they want to connect instead of just assuming if user_has_cloud { use_cloud }. Will take care of that in the 72 hour period.
  • Once connection stuff is fixed up, final beta will go out
  • Final beta will be tested for 3 days. Only major issues will cause a delay.
  • Once final beta is solid, Apple Watch and Siri Shortcuts will be removed (more on this later)
  • Final beta without Apple Watch and Siri Shortcuts will be moved into App Store beta (the way to tell the difference is the icon: blueprint icon = “beta”, standard Home Assistant blue icon = “App Store beta”).
  • App Store beta will happen for 24 hours (that beta pool has some overlap but a lot more people in general, need to work out those last showstoppers).
  • Assuming no issues, App Store beta will be submitted to Apple
  • Apple should take a day or two to review

Total time estimate to y’all having the 2.0 release in your hands via the App Store: 7-12 days from the moment I publish this post. (I only need 7 days, the 5 day padding is to cover Apple review time).

I’ve made the call to remove Apple Watch and Siri Shortcuts from 2.0. Apple made significant improvements to both technologies in iOS 13/watchOS 6. Specifically:

  • Apple Watch app independence is a real thing now. No more complication update delays and a whole lot more flexible (AW will have its own sensors and notifications and everything)
  • Siri Shortcuts supports parameters. No more JSON, yay!

In addition, Apple Watch has a lot of issues with complication updates as most of you are aware. As for Siri Shortcuts, I just don’t want to have to support a bunch of users that are trying to learn JSON for only 3 months and then have to redo everything to remove JSON. I can’t explain a curly quote vs a straight quote for 3 months straight.

Apple Watch and Siri Shortcuts have been moved to Home Assistant Companion 2.1 which I plan to release around the day that iOS 13 releases (September-ish). I will get 2.1 onto beta ASAP (read: within a week or so after 2.0 goes to the App Store). Siri Shortcuts work is already done, so that will go out first, followed by a rework of Apple Watch, which will take longer, on the order of weeks. 2.1 will only support iOS 13 and above and watchOS 6 and above. The awesome new features only exist on those platforms and later. Yes, I am breaking my “last 2 OSes” support promise I’ve held for 3 years now, but iOS 13 is such a massive improvement in so many ways that I think we need to bump to the latest OS ASAP. iOS 12 users getting left behind will have 2.0 + bugfixes. Here’s all the devices that we will lose support for:

  • iPad mini 2
  • iPhone 5C/5S
  • iPhone 6
  • iPhone 6 Plus
  • iPod Touch (sixth generation, last years model)
  • Original iPad Air

(These devices don’t support iOS 13.)

Build 61 is uploaded and should be released in ~3 hours assuming Apple doesn’t find a issue during processing.

That’s all I’ve got, thanks as always for sticking with me.


So excited for the update! Thank you for all your awesome work on the iOS app.

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You are simply a legend! Keep up with all the great work! Loving the app so far!

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This is how IBM has made billions with RedHat :wink:

But thanks for the hard work and filling this important gap in the HA ecosystem.

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Yes yes yes! Cant wait.

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Looking forward to see the AppStore notify me, that there is an update waiting and it turn out to be HomeAssistant!

Thanks for the great work!

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Probably not the right place to post this, but is 2.0 beta currently working with iOS 13 beta 2?

It is connecting to my Home Assistant (it signs in without issue and creates the new sensors), but my Home Assistant UI doesn’t load and I get a red banner on the top that says “The internet connection appears to be offline.”

Great stuff, Robbie. I might have to go out and get myself a watch once 13 drops :+1:

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I’m using it with no problem on multiple physical iOS 13 devices as well as a iOS 13 simulator.

Great! Any news about an Android solution including Android Wear?

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Ariela supports Android Wear


The hopefully final 2.0 build, 62, has begun building and should be available in the next few hours.

One minor update, I’ve made the decision to change the version number from 2.0.0 to 2019.1. It’s what all the cool kids are doing these days. More importantly, it’s easier to refer to and understand when it was released, especially in relation to the current Home Assistant version at the time of release.

That’s a bummer… I’m staying on iOS 11 to avoid losing jailbreak. Will enjoy 2.0 as long as it works!

Hi! So what is about an update? How is it going? Are we waiting for apple already, or were there any issues?
Thank you!

@robbiet480 hi. What’s up with app? Can not find any news or issues, but app should have been released a week ago

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Maybe robbie has stuff going on and is unable to release. It will be released when robbie releases it


Ditto here - I’ve been on the iOS 13 beta for a week or two now and have had no issues with 2.0

Can also confirm, no functional issues on iOS 13 using 2.0. Honestly surprised how well it’s working considering a few of my “fortune 500” apps are having really strange issues with Dark Mode.

A few suggestions though.

  • On the setup screen where you give permissions, where it says “Locations and Pedometer”, it gets cut off and just says “Locations and Pedo” :grimacing:
  • The donation screen is out of order. Massive donation is in the middle-ish, and the prices are a little out of order.

Also, I can’t wait to test the new apple watch stuff, it might even be enough of an excuse for me to justify upgrading my series 3.

After upgrading to 2.0.0 (62) the app only works when on my home network. Prior to updating I was having no issues with remote connection.

When I try from outside after the update I get “Unable to connect to Home Assistant” but I don’t know why or how to debug. Any ideas?