2 RFlink devices

I want to use two rflink devices on my HAS. One for Somfy covers and one for switches / lights etc. I have to use 2 RFlink devices because they operate at different frequencies.

I can have them both working separately but not together. I have searched for a solution on this forum and made some changes in my config, but it´s still not working. I made a custom_components folder in my config directory. In this folder I made a folder named rflink2 with a file inside called rflink2.py In this filled I copied the original rflink.py file, renamed it to rflink2.py and changed the domain from ¨rflink´ to ¨rflink2¨. After restarting HAS and adding rflink2 to my configuration.yaml it won´t pass validation.

Can someone help me with this? I would really appreciate it.



Im having the same issue :frowning:

This problem is circumvented by a Python script and MQTT

Hello, @krisxnlx, do you have more informations about this ?
I’m trying HA and in Domoticz i use 4 rflink … i cannot add more than one in HA.

For my second rflink I use this :

Very nice solution seb821/espRFLinkMQTT and by the way inspired from my worse solution https://github.com/lubeda/RFLink-to-FHEM-via-MQTT/

I will give it a try!!

Hi fgingat, i also use a Python script. I think it is this one; https://github.com/Iture/RFLinkGateway

Thanks, i will try RFLinkMQTT


I am very close to the end, but someting does not work as I send the commands to open and close my shades (Somfy).

As you can see, my RFLink with an ESP-01 get the commands through MQTT into Node-Red subscribed to the topic rflink/#:

But now, when I try to send a command by publishing in Node-Red the string payload “10;RTS;115243;0;DOWN;” to the topic rflink/cmd, nothing happen… What am I missing?

Log from Node-Red: