2019 New Original Xiaomi Mijia Yeelight Smart Dimmer Switch

Ooh. What is this?

2019 New Original Xiaomi Mijia Yeelight Smart Dimmer Switch

£10.63 24% Off | 2019 New Original Xiaomi Mijia Yeelight Smart Dimmer Switch Intelligent adjustment Off light still work 5 in 1 control

Nice design.
BLE connection
Shame is not zigbee but maybe esphome esp3/ ble gw will support it in the future?

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I have wireless version. I thought it can dim bedside lamp but unfortunately not. :frowning:
Now it is useless for me because it can dim only ceiling lights with BLE connection.

Maybe esphome can help?


They already support a bunch of xiaomi family ble devices.

I’m trying to get it connected to a Raspi3… I do get connected, but apparently it has some kind of handshake process that I couldn’t figure out… If anybody with more exp in this want to exchange data, I’m open to that… I’ll keep trying

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Has anyone else experimented with one of these? I bought one without really reading the description, and stupidly assumed it would be zigbee. There doesn’t seem to be a generic bluetooth component for HASS so I wouldn’t even really know where to begin with this.

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I am in the same boat, I have two thinking I could control yeelight colour bulbs but unfortunately not. They look a really nice bit of kit if someone could get them working, my assumption was that you could connect them to the yeelight bulb via a Bluetooth gateway on my mi lamps and controled via the xiaomi home app.

Ive just found these:


I am very excited that these can be used with zigbee2mqtt to replace the dumb dimmers in my home.

Also here :Smart Rotary Dimmer Switch

Sorry for the bump of this topic, but support for Yeelight Remotes (YLYK01YL) and Yeelight dimmers (YLKG07YL and YLKG08YL) has been added to BLE monitor