2021.12: New configuration menu, the button entity, and gorgeous area cards!

Long term statistics are kept forever. So I can see how your missing _4, _5 entities would still be there. I suspect you should be able to fix this with the button. Let us know how it goes.

Yep, I kinda gathered that from the message you get in the dialog. Where are these statistics data stored? I can see things like Total Energy being accumulated, but things like Temp are transient and already kept in the Recorder DB. Keeping that long term wouldn’t be useful. Is there another DB for stats? And if so, does it ever purge?

EDIT: And… they’re all gone!

In a table in the database. No it does not purge.

Looks like that ISSUE FIX will do what you want.

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Yikes! I’ll have to copy down the DB and explore that. Hopefully it won’t add excessively to disk usage.

Ya, 2022.2 :sweat_smile:

There’s a bit of a discussion about this over on this thread:

I’d be interested in what you find. This “keep forever in an SQL database on an SD card” stuff has me a bit concerned.

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Hmm… Interesting discussion. I just added my 2c over there. Thanks for the link. My DB is just shy of 180MB for 14 days of history. I’m only using 17% of my disk atm. I do keep a lot of history, but it’s well curated and definitely NOT everything. I try my best to keep things lean. For example, I just eliminated, refined, and condensed a bunch of scripts and automations by utilizing many of the new features that have been introduced since I built them a year or two ago! That’s progress! Anyhoo… something to watch.

Add-ons, Backups & Supervisor

The Supervisor panel has been merged into the configuration panel. The separate menu item from the sidebar has been removed.

Very bad idea!

Anyone experience tuya integrations to lost connection after running several hours? upon 2021.12.2 it fixed the not connecting to tuya api, however it fail to connect after several hours until restart. I just upgrade to 2021.12.3 hope this fixed the issue.

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I’m not sure if this was considered, but it looks like users that are not administrators can no longer configure the companion app on their android device now that the app configuration has been moved into the main configuration menu.

Was this deliberate, or just overlooked?

Yes, tuya is broken.

I believe 2021.12.3 does not fixed the problem, my tuya is basically death after running more then 10 hours and restore back after restart

Yes, now the integration is working again…

There are several reports on GitHub from many users currently facing the same issues - it seems it’s just a coincidence that the problems occurred at the same time as the new HA release.

Once again , it’s on Tuya’s side, with the cloud connection proving unreliable.

One or two users are posting an automation workaround where you periodically re-load the whole integration to get it connected again.

Of course, this is likely to increase load on the cloud servers, so might actually make things worse in the medium term, but you could give it a try

could you post a link on how to create an automation for reload tuya integration automatically?

Not work . Xiaomi mio not work on release 2021.12.3

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That’s strange as in my case all the lights that were unavailable, after the update are again on…

Sure, choose your weapon:

Variation 1

Variation 2

Variation 3

Variation 4

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thanks for the info

Another brilliant release from the HA team. Been running HA for a couple of years now, not let me down once. HA is one of the solutions I am running at home I never hesitate to upgrade as soon as there is a new upgrade. Never had any issues with any upgrade. Great work and QA. A big thanks to all the team for your outstanding work and effort keeping HA rock solid, always adding new features and for making the best complete home automation platform.
Merry Christmas and happy New Year.