2021.6: A little bit of everything

Ooh, I love the VLAN support. Does this also work with addons? My desired config is having the Unifi addon running via Unifi management VLAN and all the rest on the Home Assistant box on an IoT VLAN.

It always takes a bit to roll out to all devices. Best you can do is keep refreshing. Mine just showed up moments ago.

After installing the new version the integration alexa_media_player disappeared

Good catch. It is fixed now (might take a little bit to become visible though).

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Great release, thank you!

Will it also be possible to disable polling for the integration “RESTful Sensor”. I can’t see this option for this integration.
I think it’s currently only possible to disable the polling, if the integration is visable in the UI.

Does the time format setting “Use system local” solve this feature request?

Or is it (as I suspect) only the format, not the value from the server local used?

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A huge THANK YOU to @djtimca for all of your awesome work on the Omnilogic integration!

Why did you remove tensorflow?

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Looking good here. Thanks developers and others involved.

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Agreed. Devices/entities are there but the integration pane is missing from the UI.

hass-variables NOT working after the 2021.6.0 update

Any solution?

Read the almost most recent issue? There is a solution mentioned.

Did Don't mark Somfy devices as unavailable by tetienne · Pull Request #49662 · home-assistant/core · GitHub make it into this release? Still on 2021.5, my somfy devices vanish with high frequency.

You suspect correct. We are not changing the value, just applying the selected formatting.

It was already in the previous release. Sadly Somfy changed its conditions. I need to fix it again. See Somfy disconnects every 2 minutes · Issue #50815 · home-assistant/core · GitHub


Thanks for another great release, with nice additions!
Migration of buienradar to UI based configuration failed for lat/lon (in netherlands). I tried to fix by removing buienradar from config.xml and manually adding the integration. Now I’m left with the old prediction entities, it does not allow me to remove them manually. Is there a workaround for this?

Probably a victim of custom integrations requiring a version entry in the manifest file.
May need to contact the dev of that custom integration to fix or add one yourself

Wowzers again! So cool… that time format rocks!

Does this mean if selected “dark” all users by default will get the dark mode presented? If not is that possible in another way?

Same here, no more alexa media player integration available

havent figured out yet how we can update the integration, let’s say Buienradar with an automation. Sure we can use homeassistant.update_entity on all individual sensors (108 in this case :wink: ) but not the integration as a whole?
the former scan_interval isn’t that easily replaced as advertised because of that?