2021.6: A little bit of everything

Please create a bug ticket for the missing “default” theme in the frontend repo. I don’t think that this is by design.

Although, on second thought I am not sure what the use case really would be for that. Basically any custom theme overrides settings from the default theme, so simply adding the default theme to that list will probably not work.

I have exactly the same problem with Xiaomi B1 curtain covers.

Also no cure with version 2021.6.2.

The curious thing is that it is possible to control them in z2m by the state buttons,
and also that other entities of the cover appear in HA, but not the essential close or open entities.

My Tasmota based light bulb used to have an attribute rgb_color in 2021.5 and earlier. This attribute seems to be missing now.

I use this in an automation to test if bulb is currently green which no longer works:

{{ states.light.bulb01.attributes.rgb_color == ( 0,255,0) }}

These are the attributes is has now. I don’t have the list of attributes prior to 2021.6 without reverting back.

min_mireds: 153
max_mireds: 500
effect_list: 0, 1, 2, 3, 4
supported_color_modes: color_temp, rgb
color_mode: color_temp
brightness: 255
color_temp: 489
effect: 0
friendly_name: bulb01 bulb01
supported_features: 4

Anyone else having this issue?

Yes, it overrides/adds flavour. But there is currently no chance to have a complete defined default skin selectable.

Usecase for example: I have a blue/black skin, but for e.g. the Chrome-toolbar extension, I want to assign the complete white and clear default skin. Not possible, even it exist anywhere, because I’m able to select it in the user-profile as shown in the pictures. But I cannot select it there.

For me it is not clear, why it is defined anywhere, but not selectable.

And no, I cannot easily select another bright theme, because - as you said - if you set a theme for a view “on top” of a theme from the user, it is added/merged. So in such cases, I would like to assign the available complete default theme.

I still don’t get your use case. I assume this mentioned Chrome extension is a separate user session (otherwise please provide some more context; no idea what you are talking about TBH)? So you can just set a different theme to be used for the login. No need to specify anything on individual Lovelace card level?

For me it is not clear, why it is defined anywhere, but not selectable.

As I said, even if it were selectable, I am not sure if it would work technically currently (but probably could be made to work with some effort). And that again is probably why, it is not selectable in the first place.

See this one. Found this from the community highlights newsletter. No, no other session, so the user session skin is taken. That’s the problem.

And here I thought, that there is a complete defined default theme, which is then not merged with other ones and selectable.

O.k. When it is whyever not available and there is no explanation for this, I have to deal with it as I did here

I only came again on this, because of the news about the dark skin in this release.

Is there a way to disable polling for an integration that is not available in the UI? I’m trying to get Alpha Vantage to poll less frequently in order to stay within the threshold of a free account.

Anyone else having a problem with Zigbee covers, please post in the following issue to make HA experts aware of it:

It’s already 2021.6.2 and no fix!

I downgraded to 2021.5.5 to solve the issue
And I have no idea, what I could do to upgrade in the future to a newer version.

Regarding ecowitt integration broken -

Likely you are encountering this issue: #43

Manually adding the version to the manifest.json file worked for me.

It’s not a core add-on but a 3rd party one so probably why nobody looked at it.
Issue has been fixed on the zignee2mqtt site

If the add-on isn’t yet updated check the post near bottom from kkoenk about how to update.

Since 2021.6.0, I have created and successfully used a theme including both dark and light modes.
Waited long time for this option! Thanks!!!
However, since 2021.6.1 or 2021.6.2, I’m not sure, the option to select Auto/Light/Dark in the Profile disappeared, when selecting my theme.

Anything I miss?

Thanks, indeed this works for me as well, great.

That was it, I simply added default_config instead, thanks!



So it seems I always end up in the same pattern with a lot of “returning” questions.

Yes it is possible you said, but is it? And how? If you know any tip/suggestion to solve this please let me know :slight_smile:

This is another topic me asking but without an answer:

@ all the homeassitant people reading this.

Is it possible to remember the setting per user? regardless of the device? Or set the default to dark for all users?

I do have the same. In windows and android it will be fixed with a cache refresh. On my iPad app I can not get it fixed

Is it normal that the datechooser for eg. the logbook is showing the calendar starting with Sunday instead of Monday which would be correct?
Why aren’t the local settings used like for 24h time?

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hi Canedje,
I do not see any network tools in Developer Tools, so my solution was to simply uninstall/reinstall the apps on iphone, ipad and osx. Cache flushed

For me, this has broken DIYHUE. I notice that it no longer finds the DIYHUE hub even if I try and set up from scratch.
I also have a variable: section in my config file which it now complains about.
quite a few other little niggles too with custom integrations that Im going to have to wait for the authors of those to sort out it seems.
Rolled back to core-2021.5.5 to get everything working again, :confused:

No, it’s not normal.
But it is how it’s done in HA.