2021.7: A new entity, trigger IDs and script debugging

No, I have influxDB addon, but I don’t think that this is a problem. The log I’ve sedn’t you is from home assistant core, so I do believe that problem is somewhere there.

E.g. “Check configuration” works fine if there is no “influxdb” element in configuration.yaml, but if there is any it’s been spinning for indefinitely.

Just let me know if you need some more verbose logs or enything.

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Hi all,

Just installed 2021.7.3.
From the release notes I gather that “Expose Spotify as a service (@balloob - #53063)” would mean we would have gained a new service called Spotify, was I wrong?

I’m asking because the service call drop down list doesn’t have anything with “Spotify” on it.

Can anyone chime in on this please?
@balloob ?

im not sure I understand. I left the @ when I installed MDB today. worked.
then I read about change and made the changes
%40 and it did not work.
replaced back to @ and its working. am I missing something?

Version core-2021.7.2
Installation Type Home Assistant OS
Development false
Supervisor true
Docker true
Virtual Environment false
Python Version 3.9.5
Operating System Family Linux
Operating System Version 5.9.16
CPU Architecture aarch64

I have the same error in my log and also confirm that “Check configuration” button is not working (spinning for indefinity)

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I believe it means it’s discoverable through the ui via network and auto discovered that way, versus having to set it up through configuration.yaml


Please do not tag the creator of home assistant for a question that anyone can answer, just ask the question in the thread. See guideline 16. Thanks.

This is not referencing a home assistant service, it’s referencing the ability to connect to spotify devices by detecting them on the network. You’ll only see a change if there’s a spotify device on your network that has not been set up in home assistant.

Hi @petro

Sorry, I don’t understand what you mean by tagging the creator of home assistant.
I merely made a quote from the release notes, surely that can’t hurt.

Well, if this is not referencing a home assistant service, then why are the release notes stating it exposes Spotify as a service?

I know English is not my native language, but my limited proficiency level tells me someone chose the wrong words to describe the feature, and heck if I understand why we the users can be blamed for not getting the underlying reasoning and functionality.

Speaking of which, may I inquire where is the documentation for this feature?
The only thing I can see is the weak documentation on the integration itself…

I’ve been a software developer, DBA, and project manager for some 30 years now, and I can tell you documentation is greatly underestimated.

If I may, and you don’t mind, I’ll leave a suggestion that HASS developers spend a bit more time worrying about documenting the features they implement.

I can assure you they will spend far less time dealing with unnecessary queries like mine here if they do.

Sorry for the rant, but I really can’t get it when someone just doesn’t assume their mistakes.

Have a nice weekend, with far more pleasant things on your mind.



Thank you @moto2000 , I would not have reached that understanding if no-one would have mentioned it.

By the looks of it it does seem to be the case, thanks for clearing it for me, with no judgemental attitudes.

Using the @ followed by a username tags somebody and send them a notification. You tagged balloob, the founder of Home Assistant in that quote from the Release Notes.

I was just about to leave when this thought came along:

What do you guys mean by not having to set my configuration yaml file for HA to detect Spotify?

How will HA guess my client_id and client_secret to be able to connect to my Spotify account at all???

Here is the Spotify page

At the bottom it provides a way for you to improve the documentation.

@Prodigyplace yeah, I get that now, but I was not aware balloob was the man behind HASS, shoot me LoL

Jokes apart, I did make the quote without noticing it had the @ inside, it was an unfortunate mistake of mine.

My fault, I realised it too late, sorry, but I really didn’t even know he was the HA creator, really.

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I think we have all made similar mistakes. that is one way we learn.

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How on earth can I improve the documentation of something I’m seeing for the first time?

The documentation you quoted is the documentation I saw already, and it’s really bare metal.

For example I was trying to see how to direct the Spotify music to other devices and that is not even referenced there, same thing for this “expose Spotify as a service” thing.

From 2021.7.2 to 2021.7.3 that page as changed absolutely NOTHING. How is that even possible!?!?

It’s not the end user job to document a new feature, it’s a developer or QA job to do so for crying out loud.
Do you use Microsoft Excel? Do you want do write up or improve their online HELP? Of course not.

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Actually it kind of is. This is an open source project that relies heavily on volunteers. I’m not a programmer but have helped with clarification of the documentation.

If you can’t make the changes yourself, use the feedback button to suggest what needs improvement.

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This bit is what he means

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It probably only does this if you have configured the spotify integration.
It is considered bad practice to tag anyone who is not in the conversation already. A reference to a PR doesn’t count - it’s not just because Balloob is the founder of HA. No one wants notifications about conversations they are not a part of and it’s just rude trying to drag someone in for help when lots of people can and will help you. Don’t take offence to this. We are all volunteers here trying to help other people and that will include helping to improve the docs as well.

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Do you get Microsoft Excel for free? Of course not.

I am not sure exactly what ballob meant by exposing it as a service. It says on the link you gave

Expose the device entry of Spotify as as service. It can pick any device as output so it’s not really a device itself, instead it’s a service that runs on those devices.

All that particular commit does is add a line to spotify/media_player.py

Damned if I know what that does.

What I have noticed is that after I updated to 2021.7.3 spotify was discovered on my network. It was easily set up in the ui and I now have a media player media_player.spotify_username. Good stuff, except I don’t use spotify much!

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When you set up Spotify through the UI, it takes you to the Spotify login page so that you can authorize HA to use your account like a media player.

So once it’s set up, anytime you’re playing a song through Spotify, you’ll be able to see that info in HA.