2021.8.0: Feel the energy ⚡️

Apologies if this has been mentioned somewhere. Total newbie here and just finding my bearings.

There was an issue reported with ghost hue_event entries in the log with Hue switches triggering automation by itself after first initial trigger. As per (Hue switches triggering automation by itself after first initial trigger · Issue #53177 · home-assistant/core · GitHub), this was supposed to have been fixed in 2021.8 release. I wanted to know if it has been fixed as I couldn’t find anything in the changelog.

Thanks in advance.

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Try reinterviewing the device if you haven’t already.

Thank you. I did try that. Nothing.

I may be wrong but I had the impression that when they added the state_class attribute to Template Sensor, that was to permit use with the energy integration.

Only the new ‘modern’ style of defining a Template Sensor supports the state_class option, not the ‘legacy’ style.

Hmmm…. unfortunately I’m using old style of template sensor. Do you have any information that using old style is the problem?

The documentation doesn’t show the state_class option for legacy Template Sensor. My understanding is that the energy integration includes entities containing that option (and set to measurement). Without that option, the entity is excluded.

Easy way to find out is to convert one or more of your Template Sensors from legacy to the new format and add state_class: measurement.

UI is not the same as UX… :grin:

Missing Renault documentation!

and AC services… device tracked and other sensors.

Hey @frenck I just want to say thanks for all you do! Not just the development stuff, but all the responses and help to folks you provide. It’s greatly appreciated, and you are a great asset to the team!


Me2, but the MyBMW app is working, so everything seems to be fine at BMW server‘s side.

Same, BMW integration went down on mine (unrelated to the release as I have not yet updated). I think it might be on BMW’s end as my app hasn’t updated since early this morning. To not derail this topic, please go here for info related to BMW Connected Drive issues.

Regardless great work as always to all those involved in the new release!


Had to switch to an obscure browser to add the energy sensors. Firefox 78.12.0esr doesn’t allow you to add multiple “Electricity Grid” items and shows key errors anyhow.

Nice dashboard!

Thanks, it was this. Must have updated as I updated HA.

Time to block the gateway from the internet I think.

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Same here…

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Glad it’s not just me

2021.8.0: HomeKit Integration broken? · Issue #53987 · home-assistant/core (github.com)


Hi Frenk,
When adding a new device to the Energy panel, it gives me the following error: “Key need to start with energy_”.

I was able to add a first device, but i realized it was the wrong one (using Aeotec HEM G5). Then tried to delete the wrong item and put the correct one, but keep getting that error. Any ideas?


Yes , or ask support “if trafri hub is not respondind, add timeout and refresh connection” will surely end this ? i’m with this “bug” with several month and this is driving me crazy

HomeKit: It’s so awkward, a restart of my iOS devices resolved the problem.

I added the energy entry to configuration, but that automatically added also the recorder entry (which I didn’t had and I don’t want to use). In addition to that, it looks like that if I manually add the recorder entry to configuration.yaml with only one entity to keep, it will skip this configuration and store everything.
It looks like it is overriding the fact that I don’t have the recorder (or I have a different configuration).
Anyone else has this issue?