2021.9.0: More energy, USB discovery, template ❤️

I still have the errors with 2021.9.4 so I’ll do some investigating

Hi to all,
I checked the new versione before install it and I recived this error message:

Command ‘[‘hciconfig’]’ returned non-zero exit status 1.

Someone can help me?
Thanks for all

The integration sensor should add everything in needed, should look something like this;


Do you have anything in your logs ?

how do i erase energy data to start from scratch ?

I just tried to add my own integration sensor.
It is not available to select as a source on the energy dashboard


 - platform: integration
   source: sensor.light_power_total
   name: Light Energy
   unit_prefix: k
   round: 2

Attributes from Dev Tools States page

state_class: total_increasing
source: sensor.light_power_total
unit_of_measurement: kWh
friendly_name: Light Energy
icon: mdi:chart-histogram

Tried adding in customisations for last_reset and device_class attributes which didn’t help.

Thoughts ?

Instructions here:

Although it seems to be for one entity at a time

I do similar in that I wait until around 2w after release to upgrade. I find rpi_clone is excellent and have the next SD card in a USB port in my rpi4.

In case of upgrade prob or any other issue, I literally just power off and swap the SD cards to roll back.

Since I have the ‘next’ SD card already, the only extra cost was the SD-usb adaptor. Buy a good metal one though. Cheap £2 ones overheat and break.

How can I remove an auto discovered entity?
Before it was possible by removing the device from the known_devices file.

Has the sensor produced any power yet ?

If you go to config > entities > find the entity and open it you can disable it in there

Can someone point me to which repo has this blog post in it?

I noticed in the homekit controller changes there’s a typo. “platfrom” instead of “platform”.

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I do explain in the post how you can use wildcards - I even suggest that people do a query and test their wildcard prior to moving into the danger zone!

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It has.
A massive 0.07kWh !

Got the same problem with my floorplan/picture elements cards.

I also note that my iPad on the wall is running out of battery whilst home assistant app is running. Seems the power going in via the charger isn’t enough to keep it fully charged. If I don’t run HA but leave the iPad on, it charges no problem. It only started happening with this new release - if it is refreshing constantly, this would make sense.

as I am nowhere near interested in kWh values of my battery, solar panels or current home consumption but rather prefer realtime W values, I will just ignore the HA energy component entirely. kWh as additional value mentioned somewhere and to calculate total costs would be fine, but those values have no meaning to me as far as realtime info go. So I’ll just stick to the E3DC inspired lovelace card and be good.

What the hell sort of unit is kW/h. The unit used is kWh

I meant kWh, sorry

I have with different devices using “left” or “right” method gives better results than the default one, it can take a bit of trial and error to work out the best one.

It’s a shame the E3DC doesn’t output energy stats.

W is obviously the instantaneous metric. However kWh is the metric by which your energy company charge you. Each kWh is the equivalent of running a 1 bar electric fire for an hour. Measuring kWh allows you to have an idea of how much energy you’ve used over the course of a day/week/month

Both measures have their place, but the energy dashboard is focussed on measuring historical consumption rather than what’s happening right this minute.