2022.11: A heck of a release!

You have to configure them to show up in the energy dashboard, are you doing that as well?

Any ETA on patch 3?
Anxiosly awaiting the RESTful integration patch :smiley:


I am trying to update Core to 2022.11.2 from 2022.10.4, but it endlessly loops and never finishes. I am using HAOS in VirtualBox. If I reboot the supervisor it shows it is still on 10.4. Same thing happens if I try to update the Supervisor from 2022.11.0 to 2022.11.1. Is it just me?

PS. I am now unable to take backups from the interface as it keeps complaining it is in startup state

“Creating a backup is not possible right now because the system is in startup state.”

see Supervisor 2022.11.1 wont install · Issue #4003 · home-assistant/supervisor · GitHub

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Thank you!

So this is what happened: Supervisor 2022.11.1 wont install · Issue #4003 · home-assistant/supervisor · GitHub

thanks @CentralCommand and @bdraco for helping us out!

you can fix the supervisor issue by entering

version="2022.11.2" arch=`docker image ls | grep -- '-hassio-observer'  | awk '{print $1}' | awk -F/ '{print $3}' | awk -F- '{print $1}'` && docker pull "ghcr.io/home-assistant/${arch}-hassio-supervisor:${version}" && docker tag "ghcr.io/home-assistant/${arch}-hassio-supervisor:${version}" "ghcr.io/home-assistant/${arch}-hassio-supervisor:latest" && docker stop hassio_supervisor && docker rm hassio_supervisor

in the Community Add-on: SSH & Web Termina with Protection mode disabled. (note: not the core add-on, that won’t enter the Host system).

Or, alternatively, enter the same command in an external Terminal window and shell in to port 22222 (see here how to do that)

After that, your system will breathe again, and Supervisor is auto-updated to the latest.

You can also use a keyboard and monitor directly to the device the HA instance is running. see: Supervisor 2022.11.1 wont install · Issue #4003 · home-assistant/supervisor · GitHub


@CentralCommand @bdraco


seems the script can lead to confusion for non-beta users, as their ‘latest_version’ upon using ha su info in a terminal is not 2022.11.2, but 2022.10.2.

so, if you dont use the beta channel for Home Assistant, you should lower the script to that version 2022.10.2?

please confirm if this is best?
Or, just let it be 2022.11.2, and have a newer Supervisor than the beta channel supposes

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Running the command (via bdraco’s script) fixed my supervisor, but the Docker container images for all of my add-ons were wiped out along the way. I had to run su repair (AKA supervisor repair) to restore them, and then manually start all of my add-ons in the UI. Just wanted to mention in case it’s helpful for anyone else.

maybe thats what Nick mentioned here? I am in no way a Supervisor backend expert, so could not explain what happened to your system.

Seems that running repair, and starting manually is a nuisance, but if that is all it takes to get your system back, I guess it isnt that bad…

anyways, thanks for chiming in

Non-beta users don’t need to do anything at all. Nothing was messed up for them. 2022.11.0 was only ever released on the beta channel, stable users are still on 2022.10.2 and its not broken there.


right thanks,
Just asking, because a fellow user reported he was on stable, and yet had a borked supervisor…

well that is a problem but its a different issue in that case. The solution discussed above won’t help them since they weren’t on 2022.11.0. Users on stable with issues around supervisor should handle that as normal, by opening an issue here

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Ok, Ill report that back.

Though, ofc, this was brought to my attention after the fact, and he now has stable release with SU 2022.11.2 (and no issues as far as I understood)

Just to be clear, 2022.11.2 is also not on stable channel. The script bdraco made was targetted at beta users which is why it specifically installed 2022.11.2. The latest stable version is still 2022.10.2 at this time.

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Beta users impacted by the supervisor 2022.11.0 issues, please see this thread


Same here…

Updated my Odroid system today to a new hassio version available which caused very high CPU usage for more than hour.
Had a stupid idea to restart the whole HassOS but after that it took some time to appear web interface.
I was on Stable, not Beta update channel.
About shows following now:
Home Assistant 2022.11.3
Supervisor 2022.10.2
Operating System 9.3
Frontend 20221108.0 - latest
My Addons seems to be working. Is there some recommended procedure I should follow?

After updating to 2022.11.2 HA seems to run into an infinit loop after 3-4 days uptime, and becomes unavailable with a constant CPU load of 25%. Restarting the container brings HA back up, for another 3-4 days. This reminds me of a memory or buffer overflow situation, but I havn’t beenable tofind any log entry to indicate what actually happened. Never had this problem before, and nothing new has been added and nothing else has been changed.
Anyone else seeing similar issues?

I had to revert to 2022.11.2 as 11.3 caused my Pi 4 to overheat and Home Assistant to be unresponsive. It appears that something was causing the CPU usage to stay high.

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Looks like I have a similar problem. Can’t connect so I’ve powered down to allow it to cool as just restarting didn’t work. Still seemed to be controlling the lights just couldn’t connect from app.