2022.2: Let's start streamlining!

Do you also notice the limitation on the playlists? Max 100 songs.

state_class for W needs to be measurement. Other than that it looks ok but i am not familiar eith mqtt sensors for energy. I suggest you create new topic or github issue if it still doesn’t work.

I Updates from core-2021.12.10 to core-2022.1.x and had an unresponsive lovelace from then on.
Both in the browser with the mouse and via my (touch) tablets on the wall, the system did not respond or reacted very, very, very poorly.
I did a restore again, because that way HA was not usable
(Windows 10 NUC / Virtalbox)

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Was there a change on the Envisalink integration. I get a notification email from EyezON every 2-3 seconds with a “Security Event: [*][1] Accessed by User” message.

$4.50 over 3 months? Blah.

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See Legacy Nest - #7 by allenporter

We also added that link to the original blog post.

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i liked more the energy option in configuration than having to go into the dashboards option to then click energy to setup. i think it is better as a separate option than inside dashboard options.

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After you have it initially set up, how often do you actually go into the dashboard configuration?

I’ll bet here are many more users that will appreciate not having to scroll to get to the Settings section on mobile!

You don’t believe it would add value?

where i live the energy company keep changing the cost per kwh monthly. i have to change values each month in the energy settings :man_shrugging:

My point is that if you think input_button can be improved, submit your idea as a Feature Request. That’s more constructive than simply pointing out its alleged deficiencies in this thread.

One week? Who is the group of testers, and how big is it? Are users allowed to opt-in to this beta testing program to assist, or is this just reserved for devs? Is there any formal user testing done beyond the dev-built programmatic tests? Otherwise, the feedback you get is after a user’s installation breaks, their home is dark, and they’re really pissed off. Not all problems that occur on releases are the result of breaking changes. It is impossible, as you said, to foresee all possible problems and label them as “breaking changes”. Dev’s clearly don’t like people complaining; but then again, users of YOUR SW don’t like surprises. Perhaps we can help (if you choose to let us).


Anyone can join beta.

Everyone can join the group of testers. Everyone can install the latest beta or even the nightly dev builds. Everyone can start testing the bleeding edge stuff. There is no formal way to join. You simply install, test and give feedback. It has always been that way. This is the beauty of open source.

This is literally covered every single release thread by people who think only 5 people join the beta. There’s around 1000 or so people in each beta. Maybe 100 in alphas (dev nightly build). Anyone can join beta, anyone can join the alpha (dev nightly build).

Since the last frontend update included in 2022.2.x, cameras loading are very slow, did someone else notice ?

I experience the same behavior either on Chrome, Firefox, Safari on MacOS or windows.
It’s even worse on iOS and on my fire HD 10 wall tablets.
No problem with iOS Home app via Homekit bridge though, so it’s not in the camera integrations but apparently in the latest version of HA frontend.


Just tested - I got 405 with 2022.2.1

Indeed ,figured it out , seems not possible anymore to use nabucasa and google assistant manual at the same timex I had to disable now the NC edition

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I only use local media with the Media Browser but even with the changes in core-2022.2.1 I don’t see any next/previous arrows and can only play one track at a time i.e. cannot select a list and let it play. Each track has to be started.
Any tips on the best way to set up for local media?

For someone who says they are active here, statements like this sound like your just trolling. Anyone can and do participate in the beta, its not closed off and has been mentioned on this forums so many times how