2022.4 - Energy Dashboard Recalculate After Adjusting Long-Term Statistics - (WAS Best Way To Edit Energy Dashboard Data? Remove or Edit Bogus Data on One Day from Tesla Powerwall)

What’s the best way to remove or edit data from the energy dashboard?

I set up my dashboard with active sensors feeding it data about 2 months ago and for some unknown reason, I got a bunch of bogus data on February 23rd (e.g. my home used 2,045 kWh of power and my solar generated 486 kWh).

It’s messing up any of the aggregate views and historical data, so I’d ideally like to edit the records to something more accurate, but would settle for simply deleting it out. I would assume this would involve some queries to the database (using MariaDB), but I am a completely n00b on SQL, so want to make sure I’m heading in the right direction and get any pointers before messing up my system. Any pointers or suggestions?

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An even easier way will be available in 2022.4

That’s great to hear!

I’m actually using MariaDB, but am trying to figure out how to fix this from the guide that is using MySQL. I’m not familiar with either db tech, so I’m trying to learn quickly…haven’t gotten far yet. :slight_smile:

2022.4 made it super simple to edit the rouge data points for the sensors, so it’s reflected correctly in the source data.

However, the Energy Consumed data at the top of the Energy Dashboard still reflects the ridiculous spiked data. Does anyone know how to have it recalculate that part? I made the changes yesterday, so it’s been more than 2 hours since that happened, but there have been no changes.


This method works perfectly for bogus statistics data points but what about raw sensor data that is bogus? I have some of these I’d like to correct but it doesn’t look like there’s an easy way to correct those using the HA GUI.