2022.4: Groups! Groups! Groups!

Read the full release announcement here

What a banger release! Good job devs! :smiley:


Let’s go! :star_struck:

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“Native Hue groups support!” -

What does this actually mean - since the Hue app itself only has Rooms & Zones - no such thing as ‘Groups’ ?


The new variant of trigger variables is appreciated. :+1: It will help simplify some automations that would otherwise require the use of choose.

Overall, a feature-rich release with many thoughtful improvements. A big thank you to all who contributed.


When can we get it? Running hass OS, but not seeing any updates yet

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Please update https://version.home-assistant.io/stable.json !!!


Great release!

  • The Timer link in the Other Noteworthy Changes is slightly wrong, it links to /integration/timer instead of /integrations/timer (with an s)
  • Does the new Update sensor mean we have to change our update alert scripts again? I just switched mine to use binary_sensor.home_assistant_core_version_update_available last update.

That is done automatically. The release takes about an hour to build after the release is set in motion.

You can follow the build process here:


What an awesome release. Can’t wait for it to be published! Hyped and stalking the build process


Great release!!
Sooo much YAML code I can now get rid off.


Is this release the same as 2022.4.0b6 ?

I like the new update entities, it will help keep track of my devices. But with many shellies, does that mean the configuration screen will get spammed with an updates for each device? I tend to wait to update my shellies as they have had stability issues in the past.

Seems like the build process failed :frowning: let’s hope this gets fixed soon, can’t wait to try this!

Just some parts. I see the version list is updated, and after rebooting hassOS, I see the new update available.

Seems like they are already building again!

Yes, but if I understand correctly the failed part is what goes to the Docker hub, so people like me who use Container need this.

Nice! Nice! Nice! YAML goodbye, i was able to delete a lot of code. Unfortunately not my groups, as they contain both switches and lights. Any reason why mixed groups are not supported?

What a great release! Groups in UI, Switch as X, change of unit of measurment, variables on trigger, Kasa smart effects/transitions are all items I use and have workarounds for (some super awkward, my kasa light strips transition automation strings together like 50 scenes I had created for it), that I can’t wait to streamline using the new functionality. Thank you to all the devs!