2022.4: Groups! Groups! Groups!

I was also curious about this - thanks as always for the awesome work. super happy the new backup feature, just wondering if there are plans to expose the backup task within HA as a service or similar to enable automation for us container users? Happy to have a go or raise a feature request if not

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Looks like changing the timer restore option is missing on the UI (other than during the initial setup in the helpers page).

So glad this was brought in to core. I’ve been using someone else’s script for awhile, and it’s always great to be able to put something back to core functionality.

Where would I find this? It seems some of my entities are not being tracked at all and I do not see a place to enable long-term tracking.

But it was also pointed out by moderators and devs before that the DB used ny HA is not really suitable for long-term statistics.
Personally, I think it would be nice to see an automatic hand-over from internal DB to InfluxDB when reaching the default cut-off.

Right now HA does not really make it easy to see the necessary data.

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For a sensor to support long term statistics it must have a state_class. If the integration you are using does not support this you have to add it using customize, though it is preferable to contact the integration developer and get them to add it.

Long term statistics introduced in 2021.8

@tom_l : As you have pointed out yourself before, the internal DB is not really siuted for large amounts of data and long-term data storage.
I think some of the entities being excluded is also due to the removal of things like energy_today etc.

@nickrout: Thank you for your reply. This was already pointed out above but the data is still not really readily available to HA users. Especially beginners cannot use any dashboard cards (official or custom cards) to access long term data of their choosing easily.

And the newest updates are aimed at optimizing the internal database to make it faster and more efficient. But this means loosing data by default. An external database such as InfluxDB is far more suited for this task.

I opened a Feature Request to finally get this issue sorted. I think we all agree that data for only 2 weeks bears little information for home owners. They need to know what has been happening all year.

Feature request: Seemless handover between internal and external database


Please don’t quote me out of context. I was not referring to LTS when I said that. I was referring to having a very large value for purge keep days.

Also I don’t see why this is relevant as I was answering your question on how to enable LTS for your sensors.

You can think it all you like. It won’t make it true. Add a state_class to fix your issue.

Same problem here, with the same error message in the log. Found any solutions. Still googling frantically… :-/

I couldn’t find it either - but looked up Backup - Home Assistant (home-assistant.io) and wasn’t using the


option so just needed to add


to my configuration.yaml, restarted and the backup option came available in Configuration.

Concerning “Goodbye Lovelace, Hello Dashboards”:

  • The url-patch still says /lovelace-your dashboard. There is no alias for /dashboard-your dashboard.
  • In the settings page, clicking in “Dashboards” still states /config/lovelace/dashboards in the path
  • When configuring dashboards in the yaml-files it’s still called lovelace. Still no alias available.

I feel like just changing the wording is not doing much for the community if the actual changes are not relfected as a change in the code. This change is going to split the community somewhat.
Before Lovelace there were also Dashboards, which worked vastly different then lovelace.
Lovelace introduced a new way of doing your views and this was clearly worded by calling it lovelace.

There is a huge emphasis on newcommers having a good onboarding process by having auto-generated dashboards (!). But when customizing then i feel like it should be clearly worded as lovelace and should aswell be referenced like this in the docs. Afterall there are many third-party repos which have adopted lovelace in their name and thus cleary reference homeassitant and not some other generic dashboard provider!

After new HA update in the simple-thermostat temp arrows not working. Can push it and the temp is change but the tado thermostat not receive this temp.
Before worked good.

Simple Thermostat is a third-party plugin. Post your issue here:

And ongoing. Constant higher data amount saved.


Well it is hard to change something like that when people will have, for example, programmed automations to cast urls with the word lovelace in.

But I suspect that they may stay that way, given that we still have urls with hassio in them, a very long time after that name was abandoned.

Really isn’t an issue though is it?

I did not mean to quote you out of context. But there is no difference to me which device or entity or type produces the data. Data is data.
I, and I am sure many would agree, would like a database that holds all data that I am trying to keep for as long as I would like to keep it. And I/we would like to be able to access this data.

HA devs are moving more and more towards energy tracking and user friendliness. The current database approach is still way behind.

If you want to see your data, you are either forced to move away from dashboards and go 100 % Grafana or you have to start adding each sensor, switch etc. using code rather than its name. This is too complicated for most users and it turns a one-liner into a 4-6 liner. Not what I would consider streamlining or beginner-friendly.

I am also not just “thinking” that some data is no longer tracked, the UI is showing me so. I am getting “This entity is no longer being tracked”, which suggests that it was before and is no longer now. Some are “being excluded”. Some have no states, as you pointed out.
All of this is fine for me as I am defining what I want to track in InfluxDB and I am really not interested in the internal database that much. I would much prefer to skip the internal one and only use InfluxDB, but right now, this is not really properly supported in HA.
That is fine, because the InfluxDB is different to the internal one an cannot replace it.
Hence, the request for a proper handover to finally have a decent solution for short-term data (internal DB) and long-term data (external DB). InfluxDB is being maintained by @frenck anyway, so he would for sure haave the expertise to make this happen, if he agrees that this would be nice to have.

But as I said, I would be happy to continue this discussion in the dedicated Feature Request thread


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I like the new changes in how Hue Rooms Scenes are displayed, but frankly I think that Hue Zone Scenes should display the same new way.

The column on the left is a Hue Room, the column on the right is a Hue Zone.

I do agree that dashboard will be harder to differentiate from the crowd than lovelace. Like, ever tried to google for ‘matter’ or ‘thread’?

+1, I don’t like the movement to the media section. To much hassle to get what I now can do in a few clicks.

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I agree with what you are saying, that does not seem ‘streamlined’ at all. If you would like a work-around the mini-media-card supports adding favourite buttons.

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Great release!! I switched from domoticz to home-assistant 6 months ago and it keeps getting better and better. I really appreciate all the effort thats getting put in to this project. And I don’t understand the people that are complaining.

I’m still new and learning but I already have a lot of integrations and want to help. Still looking for a way to run 2 instances of home-assistant side by side with all the same integrations where I can test the newest releases or even BETA.

For now I’m going to update on a free day (and making a VM backup first). Report the bugs (if there are any) and revert to VM backup if there to many bugs for me, otherwise the WAF goes :chart_with_downwards_trend:

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